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'Belle' Dress Jones and Jones. Wood platform Topshop. 'Laura' dress Jones and JonesJumper Topshop. Crop top Topshop. 'Audrey' dress Jones and Jones. 'Kutie' wedges Kurt Geiger. 'Pam' Sunglasses Kurt Geiger.

As you can tell I am a bit obsessed about Jones and Jones dresses since getting one for Valentine’s Day. I love the fit and shape and they are so pretty, make me feel like a doll! I really want the love heart heels from Kurt Geiger which I may have to invest in since I got £25 off with my Elle subscription! The heels have been out a while but I still want them and think they are too cute to go out of fashion. I also like the Kurt Geiger Sunglasses though I have seen similar in Topshop for a fraction of the price, decisions decisions.
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  1. I love everything! The shoes are amazing! WANT IT!
    Totally my wish list as well♥

  2. love your blog, I've nominated it for a liebster award

    I'm following you too.

    1. Already following you! Aw thank you, I googled this liebster award thing and it's really cute idea!


  3. Shoes are gorgeous! I found you on Companys Facebook page :) I'm a new follower :) - would love for you to check mine out x

  4. Ahh those heart shoes are gorgeous! I love the Jones and Jones dresses - they are all so pretty!

    Lovely blog, I'm a new follower :)
    Abby x
    Be You and Be Beautiful

    1. I know I may buy them but they are so pricey! I've followed you back, your beauty reviews are awesome!



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