Today I bought...



CrossTopshop khaki high waist maxi skirt £18.CrossTopshop Fine knit grey jumper £25.Cross
CrossSuperdrug Gaint Hair donut  £5.09.CrossElvive Crystal shampoo & condition £3.90 for both on offer.Cross

I went on a quick spree on my break at work and this is what I came back with. I'm in love with this Topshop jumper, the fits great and so is the colour! At £25 the price is reasonable for Topshop though I must admit I think twice from purchasing from there now I no longer have my student discount.

This skirt looks great on the hanger however when I've got it home it makes me look so short and frumpy which is a shame (I think its well priced as well for Topshop at £18!)- maybe its designed for tall stick insects….looks like I’ll be taking it back.

I nipped into Superdrug with a friend and got this massive hair donut . I've been looking for one as I love doing my hair in a big bun and this should hopefully save me some back combing; I'm going to try it out over the next few days.

I've seen the shampoo advertised and didn't think anything of it but my friend said it was really good because the tiny bits of glitter in it do really add an extra shine to you’re hair and it left hers smooth and soft. I will use it next time I wash my hair and give my verdict.



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