How to: Brunette to Blonde at home.

Googling going from brunette to blonde is so frustrating. I find forum upon forum discussing how you should go to the salon, How you need to spend a fortune, how you can do it at home with some obscure peroxide and developer and a certain percentage… and so on. I’m not a hair dresser, so these percentage ratios are wasted on me despite doing science as a career. I’m also not afraid of doing things myself. So here is how I went from brunette to blonde at home. Using drugstore products and without wrecking my hair or looking like a scare crow.

It took two months to get to this blonde….

So I started off with more of a dip dyed/ balayage look, i then gradually moved higher up each time i bleached my hair leaving 2-3 weeks in between each session.

I used the Bleach beach lights hair balayge kit (BUY HERE) to achieve my blonde. This kit comes with a comb where you apply less bleach at the roots and gradually add more as you go to the tips. Each time i repeated the process I would go higher up and deposit less on the ends so I didn't frazzle them (The conditioner in the kits is so nourishing and is one  of the best conditioners I have tried).

The use of the comb stopped the hair from been block bleached and gave a more blended effect. I also find that this way your hair always looks like its finished not like your in the process of going blonde.

To tone my hair I used the bleach toner after I dyed it and then the BLEACH London Super cool colour 'violet skies' dye (BUY HERE). The purple dye got rid of any yellow tones, I then washed it straight after applying it and rinsing with the BLEACH London washing out liquid (BUY HERE) so my hair wasn't actually purple.

To keep the brassiness at bay i then used the BLEACH London Silver shampoo (BUY HERE)  and conditioner (BUY HERE)  and then i changed to Tigi's catwalk Your Highness elavating shampoo and conditioner (BUY HERE) as you get more for your money (plus it smells really nice! Like purple grape). Sometimes if I felt my hair looked brassy i would apply the purple shampoo to dry hair and wrap it in cling film and leave it for a few hours before rinsing. (I was left with some purple in my ends after doing this, so if you don't want purple or grey tones I would use a different colour to tone).

All the BLEACH London products are currently on 3 for 2 at boots. I also got my purple shampoo and conditioner at TK MAX for £20 for the large salon set. 

---The total bleach kit was used for when i got to the roots - its essentially the same as the beach lights but you don't get the comb.------
 **I didn't tone it with the purple dye until weeks 6 and 8 (I just left the purple shampoo on for a few hours)**

Now if you have an affordable salon near by then I'm sure it can't be much more expensive, but it may be in the long run with multiple highlights. So what do you guys think? People always go blonde in preparation for the summer. Kim Kardashian is back to blonde and she can do no wrong in my eyes.

...and game of thrones starts again soon so Khaleesi hair all the way!

Just some advice to finish : I’d really recommend waiting a few weeks in between dying to build up the blonde. Plus my hair is very thick and strong so i knew my limits, but when in doubt, go to a hairdresser ...or make friends with one. 



  1. Love Bleach London kits, the dip dye kit was better than any salon I've ever used!

    The Fashion Rubiks

    1. I agree! All other at home bleach kits seem to just frazzle and turn your hair orange. Plus I hate having to get highlights on highlights at the salon. I've just followed your blog on Google+ and bloglovin, I'm in love! x

  2. Brunette and blonde hair, are probably one of the best hair colors. I think you are pulling the blonde do beautifully. Very few girls can carry platinum blonde, since it doesn’t suit a lot of skin tone, but you are totally owning it. In any way, thanks for sharing that, Rachael! Stay gorgeous!

    Sadie Montgomery @ Hoshall's Folsom

  3. Yay for Khaleesi hair! I hope you succeeded in the achieving blond hair goals – be it like Kim’s or Targaryen blonde. Haha! Whatever sort of blonde you’d go for, I’m sure it would suit you. You look gorgeous, by the way. Thanks for sharing your guide! :)

    Collene Puterbaugh @ Baja Hair Center

    1. Thank you, you're really sweet! haha so many blondes to aspire to x


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