Back to blogging.

So I have decided to return to blogging (hence the snazzy blog redesign). It has been such a long time and life's a bit different...

I have been extremely lucky; while doing my masters I had a succesful  job interview to work for the Centre for Skin Sciences department at Bradford University, doing research into skin and hair. I handed my final dissertation in on a Friday in September and started my new job the following Monday. I graduated in December with a Masters (with Merit) in Biomedical Science. So far I am loving my job and couldn't be happier! 

I no longer live at home and have an apartment with two other girls (both whom I met during my masters). I'm still with my boyfriend (5 ring... I'm working on it). I miss my 3 spaniels who live with my parents. I lost tonnes of weight during my masters degree. I have gained tonnes of weight since starting this new job.

There, a little update for you all!

...I hope my boyfriend doesn't read this.


  1. Haha, this post made me laugh! Good luck on the ring thing!! Oh, and congrats on graduating and getting your new job too!

    Hunter //



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