Wish List April!

River Island-Grey eyelash tank £18 (here),   River Island-Sandals £35.00 (here), ASOS Ridley busted knee jeans £30.00 (here), Anomie-teakwood & tobacco pomme frites candle co. $16.00 (here), Missguided- Beatrina Contrast Tailored Playsuit In Powder Blue £24.99 (here), Bobbi Brown- skin foundation stick £29.00 (here), Minusey- Isabelle oversized coat $79.99 (here).

Just a quick post to share some items that have caught my eye, I swear I need to win the lottery! I think the tank top detailing is simple but gives it an edge so I may have to make a visit to River Island, I also love the chunky sandals with gold hardware but it’s safe to say that England is ready for sandals yet (damn rain/ lack of sun).

I really want to try the new formulation Bobbi Brown Skin foundation stick since Wayne Goss from Youtube raved about it, apparently the formulation is beautiful and creates a flawless dewy finish, YES PLEASE.

I’ve wanted some ripped jeans for ages and these ones are perfect!!! Definitely a future purchase, along with the Minusey grey coat. I’ve wanted a grey coat for a while and the cut of this one is just so nice.

I’ve recently got into the odd candle in my room whilst I’m studying and my marshmellow Yankee one has ran out and I want something different, this teakwood and tobacco one sounds delicious, I love deep musky smells.

Finally this playsuit from Missguided needs to be in my life! It reminds me of an accessible Alexander Wang shirt and shorts combo (more mainstream version), the baby blue is so cute and is very spring!

What do you guys think? Does anyone even read this blog since I haven’t posted in so long!?! -blame Uni :(

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Love the post sweetie; I still read for deffo; I wanna try the Bobbi brown stick and tbh there are sooo many clothes I wanna buy am not even joking.
    Afeeyah xo

    New post ~ http://smilerrr.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/kiko-full-protection-foundation-stick.html

  2. Hi. Great post! :) I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog. Please check :)



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