Current favourites: Teas and Coffee

This is a random post but I thought i'd share with you all my current favourite teas and coffee. I watch a lot of you tubers and I really like when they do their non- fashion and beauty favourites.

I'm not a huge fan of green tea but in weak attempt to fire up my metabolism I went on the hunt for some in the supermarket and came across two teas that didn't taste like feet.

The tesco Blueberry and raspberry green tea (BUY HERE) tastes so fruity and you can't taste the green tea part at all . I think the flavour competes with the twinning's green teas, and may even be better!

Next is the Twinning Cherry bake well green tea (BUY HERE). Though you can taste the green tea in it, the bake well is the more prominent flavour and is almost a treat (I say almost because a real treat would be a hot chocolate with a mountain of cream on).

Moving away from the green teas, this Vanilla chai tea is so tasty (BUY HERE)! I bought it after a friend from work gave me a Pukka chai tea teabag to try. I usually go for chai lattes but these can be pricey and I'm not a big milk fan. I have this tea without any milk or nut milks as it is really nice just on it's own. You also get a lot of tea bags per box ,which is a bonus, and I think the price is really good too. 

Finally, Little's Havana Rum coffee (BUY HERE). I love coffee, but I am trying to reduce my caffeine intake so have been limiting my daily cups. This coffee is a real treat, It tastes like old Jamaica (does anyone remember those chocolate bars?) The rum adds a bit of sweetness which I like as I have my coffee black with no sugar. There are other flavours in the range (I have recently bought the chocolate and caramel flavour which is also tasty). Best of all there is only 1 calorie per cup!

What warm drinks would you all recommend? Comment below.


  1. That Tesco tea is hands down my favourite. I've drunk it for ages now, good choice!!

    Hunter //


  2. The only type of tea I drink is black tea using normal Bell tea bags. I thinks it's time I expand my tea drinking a little.

    Pop on over | Rachael Styles Me

  3. Kinda random but, hey, I like it/. I'm a literal tea addict. Great blog hun. xxx

  4. Great post! I'm a huge tea fan too, and I'm loving those flavoured green teas - the salted caramel one is delish!

    Drea xo
    Drea's Junkyard


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