DIY: £7 Flower Bikini.


I went on Holiday last month to Magaluf, it was my first girls holiday and I was on the hunt for some stand out bikinis. I’d seen the flower ones on TOWIE and fell in love with them so began my hunt for one.

I found one exactly the same as the one Lydia Bright is wearing on the photo above and purchased it off eBay for £25 (you’re looking at about £25 to £30+ on eBay for one). Though I was pleased with it I could see they weren’t that hard to make and I could do it a lot cheaper so I decided to make my own and I thought I’d share on here a step by step guide on how to make one yourself!

What you will need:
  • Bikini (£5 from Primark).
  • Fake flowers (£1 per bunch from a pound shop – I bought two bunches and had some left once done).
  • Needle and thread.
  • Buttons (I used spare ones I found in my mums sewing box but you could glue on crystals or sequins).

1. The fake flowers will usually be attached to a stalk so remove the stalk and the centre which is holding the flower together (be careful not to tear the petals- the stalk and centre should just pull off).
2. Separate the flower into different parts.
3. Reposition the flower at angles so to give a fuller effect (if they are big flowers you may find that you can make multiple flowers from one large flower).
4. Position on the bikini where you’d like the flower to be and sew on in the centre of the flower and disguise your stitching using a button, sequin or crystal. I used a button as that’s what I had at home.
5. Repeat the process until you get the effect you desire. I went for bikini full of flowers so positions the flowers quite close together, you could try just framing the top of the bikini or putting flowers on the straps.

To create the Bikini pictured it took 30-45minutes.

I got loads of complements on holiday with my bikini and for a fraction of the price as the ones been sold on eBay! (My eBay one even lost a flower when abroad; the one I made didn't lose any!).


  1. Replies
    1. Mine was fine wet, just had to fluff it up again once it dried, I guess it depends on the fake flowers you use though x

  2. i want to make my own what was it like n the inside after sewing flowers on did it rub on you would it be better to line it after for comfort?

    1. I didn't line mine and it was fine because I did the the stitching pretty tight but I guess you could for a more professional look. Also if its lapped you can stic them on without going through to the other side xx


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