Today I Bought...

 CrossIphone 5 leopard print cover: ebay- £5.99. Cross Zara Camoflage Jacket -£29.99. Cross

 Cross Topman white tshirt- £10.00. Cross Zara City Bag with Flap- £39.99. Cross 

 CrossRiver Island banana heels- £55. Cross New Look limited edition neon necklace: £14.99. Cross

 CrossNew Look Studded collar-£6.99. Cross

I've ordered the new Iphone 5 which I'm excited about as my blackberry and me are slowly falling out! I thought i'd better be prepared and get a case for it and Leopard print is always a hit so I found this one on ebay. I ordered the Zara Jacket and bag on-line. The jacket fits so well and I love the embellishment on the pocket. The bag looks great though its hard to get into as each time you have to pull the flap over and undo the zip which is a bit of a chore! I got the Topman tshirt after seeing the boyfriend tshirts on Asos and it looks exactly the same and I got it while I was in town rather than ordering it on line. 

The river island heels are gorgeous, i love the banana heel which is so flattering though I must admit they aren't very comfortable which is a downside ,they will have to be my sitting down shoes ha! Finally I've been into New Look and was really impressed with their jewellery; the neon one I bought was expensive for new look but I think its worth it with its large design, and jewel and neon combo  (Statement jewellery is back and I'm loving the neon which looks great paired with monochrome outfits). I've also wanted a collar for ages and this is the first one that doesn't look like it's strangling me!

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