Today I bought…

CrossRiverIsland Pu sleeve blazer £35.CrossRiverIsland tartan jeans £30.CrossGeorge Stud collar shirt £14Cross.
CrossGeorge mesh and grey jumper £10.Cross

Here are a few of my recent purchases. I’m loving the PU sleeve effect and this blazer is really nice though isn’t very dressy due to the textured effect of the jacket itself (it almost looks cable knit). These jeans are nice though I had to get a size up as they are a bit on the small size :/ yay… I’m actually on the hunt for some tailored patterned trousers or some ‘formal’ joggers but I’m yet to find a flattering fit.

The items from George at asda are my favourites and such bargains! The mesh jumper was only £10 and is such a soft material and looks great with my black tailored skinny trousers giving it a sport luxe look.  Everyone keeps asking me where I got the studded khaki shirt from and they seem shocked when I say George “It looks expensive though” haha score!

I wore it today to  meet my friends for sushi in Leeds (Excuse the poor photo, there was no one around to take my picture).

I teamed it with my black disco pants from Ark, topshop stud Vectra shoes,beige stole and finished it off with my Zara city bag and not to mention my mahooosive bun!
CrossArk disco pants £16.99.CrossTopshop Vectra pumps £28.00.Cross
CrossZara City Bag £29.99.CrossBeige stole ebay  £11.99.Cross

I'm going to do some reviews of some beauty products soon so keep a look out :) until then here is a photo of me with my massive bun,enjoy.

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