BOY london Beanie. Studded Chelsea boots. Bourjois magic nail polish remover. Next Polka-dot peplum. Next New York candle. Superdrug Vitamin E hot cloth cleanser. Superdrug naturally radiant hot cloth cleanser. Superdrug naturally radiant face mask.

I invested in a Boy beanie as I’ve worn my Dior Homie one to death and I really like the thicker knit of this one plus I know the logo is a bit in your face so I can always wear it to the back when I fancy a change. Everyone needs a beanie in this freezing weather for sure!

I also bought these studded Chelsea boots of eBay as I thought they’d look cute with tights, my studded socks, a skirt ,shirt and my pork pie hat (Yes I finally purchased it…shame I’m yet to wear it as my boyfriend just burst out laughing every time I cram it on to my fat head).

Everyone seemed to go on about how amazing the Bourjois 1 second nail polish remover is so I thought I’d see for myself. They were right; it’s great. You just put your finger into the sponge lined pot and when you pull it out your nail polish has gone. I doubt I will ever use a bottle of nail polish again now I have found this lazy/quick alternative.

I bought this polka dot peplum for work as I thought it was cute and for £12 it’s great quality and certainly perks up my usually boring smart outfits. The shape is also really flattering.
As well from Next, I got the ‘New York’ candle from their line of fragrance inspired by famous cities. I’m not usually a candle person, in fact this is the first one I’ve bought but I love the scent (It powdery yet a tad floral) and is great to have flickering while in the bath relaxing or in my room to make it smell pretty!

My final products are from Superdrug. I bought the naturally radiant facemask just as something to perk my skin up in this frosty weather and it seems to work okay but is nothing amazing. I also bought their hot cloth cleansers in again the naturally radiant and the vitamin E. I’ve read on a few blogs and on the reviews on the website that this is just as good if not better because it’s cheaper than the Liz Earl Hot cloth cleanser. I’ve only used the Vitamin E one as of yet and it is really good. It melts away my make-up and the cloth lightly exfoliates my skin. I used a bit of my mum’s Liz Earl and though it’s a bit creamier than the Superdrug one it did exactly the same and I actually prefer the smell of the Superdrug one as I found the Liz Earl to have a bit of a menthol smell to it. The vitamin E one is meant to brighten the skin and it has definitely done this plus also I've read you can leave it as a mask for about 10-15 minutes before you wash it off with the muslin cloth so I will try this too. My skin is brighter and feels like it has been cleansed deeply after using this product. I think I’d still like to give Liz Earl another go as trying it once isn’t really a fair test but for now this Superdrug one does exactly what it says on the packet and is a great alternative for a fraction of the price (£4.99 at Superdrug)!

(Just so you know all opinions are my own and I am in no way associated with any of these products.)

I hope you all have a nice weekend and the sun is shining FINALLY! My boyfriends coming over from Liverpool tonight so I'm going to spend the day doing exercise then beautifying to make up for the fact I will probably over indulge on Indian Cuisine and be catching up with Derek on 4OD tonight (I love Ricky and Karl, I have the DVDs, podcasts and radio shows, you name it- Think I'm a bit of groupie!) Does anyone have any plans for the weekend? I'm starting running with my friend tomorrow afternoon eeek, I'm worrying about people seeing me as they drive past, how do people do it?? I bet I just end up going for a walk in sporty clothing ha!
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