Necklace -NewLook, Coat- RiverIsland, Tshirt-Primark, Leigh Jeans-Topshop, Isabel Marant inspired sneakers- eBay, Alexander Wang style bag- eBay.
 Happy weekend everyone! My boyfriend came to see me from Liverpool and it was lovely but he has left to play rugby and left me full of cold. I feel gross, what a fun way to spend the weekend.

I thought I'd do another outfit post from my instagram (Rachael_ss). I went to primark the other day and stocked up on tshirts, shirts and tracksuit bottoms. This grey roll sleeve one was only £3.50, I usually get them from topshop but I actually prefer the fit of this primark one so I bought one in grey and one in red.

I teamed it with my neon new look necklace (I bought it after christmas and it was like £10), it reminds me of the zara ones everyone had at some point. My bag is an Alexander Wang inspired number and I've used it so much that the zip has broke! Maybe this means I should save up for the real thing, or maybe it means I'd end up over using the real thing and busting that zip haha.

 Since it's still arctic weather in the UK I chose my leigh jeans from Topshop which are the best jeans, they are so comfy and mine are in the navy with a cute black roll up. I also wore my river island PU sleeve coat which I got in the Sales for £35!! Zara did a similar one but I couldn't get hold of it anywhere and this one is more reasonably priced.

You may have noticed my hair is short again; after 2.5 months I decided to take my weave out and give my scalp a rest. I could have left it in longer but my extensions were started to look dry and a bit matted (I will spend more on hair next time, I really want to try Peruvian virgin hair as it's meant to be the best but with it being virgin hair you can only get it in dark colours, as it hasn't been chemically treated. I could dye it myself I suppose...I don't know, if anyone has any tips or advice let me know!). But yeah, it feels so good to have low maintenance hair that takes literally 10 minutes to dry and no time to do on a morning.

 I will miss having long hair though, especially when I go out. I took it out the day after I had a night out with my girlies and I wore my sacred Jones and Jones dress; People are going to think I only own one outfit! I also tried out Kiss fake nails from boots after I saw that (I love her blog) swore by them. My nails were been destroyed by acrylics so thought these would be a good alternative and they actually worked really well and survived a night out and then 4 days after that before one pinged off and they didn't look to have harmed my nails!

Also If people would like to Nominate me for the Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards 2013 for personal style new comer that would be amazing , I probably don't stand a cat in hells chance but I will never know if I don't try,right?

Blog again soon! Link me to your outfit and beauty posts :)

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