Mua polish : Amaretto crush.

I recently went on a mini spree on the MUA website after seeing how ridiculously cheap the products were. Once of the items I purchased was this nail polish in 'Amaretto crush', which is a rose pink colour and is one of the newly released seasonal shades.

Now on the website it reminded me of Essie 'ballet slippers' shade but a bit peachier, which I prefer as it makes your hands look less grey (the bottle is also a very similar design), however when it arrived it was not as pictured and was more of a rose colour, but I didn't mind as I liked the colour.
MUA Website image.
It is extremely similar to the nails inc shade 'st james park' (£11), which is said to be an upcoming nail trend colour. This is a great alternative and at the bargain price of £1.

Nails inc 'St James Park'
The colour is really pretty and different to your usual pastels or neon brights which everyone is donning the moment. It only requires one or two coats. It goes on evenly and pigmented. It also dries really quick (about 5 minutes) without a drying top coat! This is a big benefit for me as I am so impatient. It does chip slightly however that may just be from the work that I do.

I'd definitely recommend this nail polish and I would buy more from the range!

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***I bought the product my self and all opinions are my own***


  1. the colour looks gorgeous on you! i havent heard of MUA before but it looks good hahah c:

    have a nice day! xox, charley

    1. Aw Thankyou , i'm really impressed with MUA products and there sooooo cheap!

  2. you should try the nail varnish called pistachio ice cream! it's a lovely mint colour :) xx

  3. i was impressed with mua too, the quality is equal to the 'high quality' brands, just cheaper in price, great! (:


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