Loreal miceller solution.

For a while I have been wanting to try the bioderma miceller solution but just haven't got round to buying it off the Internet . So one day I was In asda and saw this loreal version which my boyfriend kindly bought me (it was more of a bribe to stop me looking at the make-up and magazines!)

I've been using it religiously every night after using my cleansing hot cloth balm to get rid of any missed residue and give a deeper cleanse. It is really good at dissolving make up and could easily be used on its own. It dissolves water proof make up so easily, just douse in the cotton pad and hold for a second, and when you wipe your makeup is gone. I also like how the formulation means you don't have to wash it away, you can leave it on the skin without it blocking your pores.

I will probrably try the bioderma one once this one has ran out, I also have a sample of an etat pur miceller solution to try. Overall though I am impressed with the loreal  product and would really recommend it.

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***I bought the product my self and all opinions are my own***

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