Illamasqua Hydraveil/Astra lift?

 I love illamasqua products and have a lot in my collection so when I saw they were bringing out a moisturising base I was intrigued. I use their rich liquid foundation as it has amazing coverage however it can be drying and cakey at times, so I thought this base would be the solution.

It comes in a jelly , and when you mash it up to get some product , as if by magic the next time you go to use it it has re-evened out! Oooooo! It has a jelly texture with a bit of a sticky feeling , you but it on the skin and it feels like your makeup just sticks on top of it (the ideal canvas if your wanting your make up to last). It is hydrating without been oily but I wouldn't say it counteracts the drying effects of foundations but it is a great primer and like I said makes your make up last that bit longer.

It is very similar to the Astra lift jelly however doesn't claim to fight against skin ageing (that's where there's a difference in the ingredients: collagen) the texture is extremely similar though and both absorb quickly into the skin, providing moisture without making you look oily, if anything it has a matt finish. Illamasqua is meant as a quick fix while the Astra lift is a long term hydrator and anti-ager. I have tried the astra lift but I wouldn't say I was amazed, maybe with long term use I'd see the effects .

The Astra lift also contains parabens which the illamasqua does not. Parabens are a preservative and come under scrutiny as it is found there may be a link to breast cancer. However I want to research this matter for myself (I'm used to reading medical journals from my degree and half the time you see that the media often exaggerate tiny insignificant data). 

Has anyone else tried beauty jellys? What do you think? 

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