Victoria’s Secret Haul.

A couple of weeks back Victoria’s Secret opened in Leeds. Now for those who don’t know what Victoria’s secret is, it’s an American lingerie store that also sells nightwear and also has a little sister brand called ‘Pink’ which sells gym wear, loungewear and lingerie.

I went to the store a few weeks back and it is seriously gorgeous! It has a boudoir feel with its lavish interior. The underwear is sorted in sizes in drawers and there are different designs to choose from. The designs span across different bra types going from unpadded to natural to push up to their bombshell bra (This adds two cup sizes!).

I was totally lured in by the whole brand, they even had the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows playing on the big screen at the back of the store which made me want their underwear even more, any chance to look like Miranda Kerr or Candice Swanepoel, yes please!

I went for a bombshell bra in Grey lace and it is so comfy. I was measured by the lovely staff to find the best fit. The bra added two cup sizes and gives massive cleavage without the whole double boob look that you sometimes get with push up bras. It looked like I’d had a boob job rather than stuffed my bra! (I’ve since gone back and bought the same one in their signature pink and white stripe). ** If you click the images it takes you to the product on the website.**

There are also a range of pant styles though not ones that match the bras exactly (there aren’t set briefs for certain bras) so you do have to hunt for one that will match but that does give you some freedom I guess.

I also bought a night shirt which is incredibly soft and is actually longer than I thought (mid-thigh) so it isn’t too provocative. It also washed really well and is still soft and new looking. The underwear is also machine washable and tumble dryer proof which is always good, they also wash well!

(I’m  thinking of doing a hair and make-up tutorial for this Victoria’s Secret look…yay or nay?)

I also purchased a Pink water bottle as I wanted a big one for my work outs and also to take to university as I try to drink a lot of water. I also bought the Amber  Romance body spray which im addicted to the smell of. It smells of amber and crème anglaise, so in other words a vanilla and amber smell which smells so clean. I’m probably going to invest in the eua du toilette as the body spray doesn’t have more longevity on clothes, however it does stick to the skin a bit better.

I also got a free beach bag for spending over a certain amount (the ticket on it says its worth £70 though I am sceptical as it isn’t WOW, but it was free so cant complain!).

Has anyone else been to Victoria’s secret? I think I’m addicted!

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  1. Omg I need some goodies from there; they look so sexy and you look gorge

    New post ~

    1. It is definitely girl heaven in there, and the stuff is such good quality! xx


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