Fresher’s Survival Kit.

I go back to university this week. I previously did a Bachelor of Science degree (with honours) in biomedical science, and I am now returning to do a masters in the same degree. This means leaving the world of employment (well not really, I’m going part time as I need the dollar!) and returning to a life of lectures, library sessions and meeting deadlines for the next year.

Looking studious in my Karen Millen Glasses (Specsavers).

So the next few posts I do will be all university related as Its very current with some many people returning to university or going for the first time.
Beauty Case is from Next.
So as title suggests, this post will be all about the essentials to keep you looking fresh during fresher’s week (even if you feel like hell on earth because of an alcohol concoction the night before). These essentials can also be used during term time to fight the signs of sleep deprivation and work related stress. **If you click the product name they are linked :) **

  1. Make up wipes:  Simple kind to skin facial wipes – The are amazing for taking your make-up off when you roll in drunk. There not too faffy and there’s no excuse to sleep with last night’s face on, clogging your skin. I love simple wipes as they don’t make my eye sting, they’ve never made me break out and they remove the heaviest of eye make-up easily.

  2. Cleanser: Clinique Take the day off cleansing balm- For when you have a little more time. Taking care of your skin is so important, and a balm cleanser provides a deeper cleanse than a wipe and is more beneficial as can leave the skin more hydrated than a face wipe. I use the Clinique take the day off cleanser. It removes every trace of make-up. Simply massage into the skin and remove with a wet cloth, It's scent free, paraban free and mineral oil free. Again it is friendly on eyes, so no stinging when removing it. I’m going to do a full review of this cleanser at a later date!

  3. Nail polish remover: Bourjois Magic Nail PolishRemover- I love this Bourjois nail polish remover as it does remove in literally seconds. It’s the small details that can give away how groomed you are, no one likes chipped nail polish.

  4. Concealer- Collection 2000 last perfection concealer- a good concealer can hide the bags under your eyes and perk up sallow hung-over skin. I love this collection 2000 one . It’s by far the best one I’ve used its thick without been cakey, and works into the skin quickly. I often pop this in my bag and have it on hand if I start to look tired during the day.

  5. Dry shampoo: Batiste dry shampoo- great for when you don’t have time to wash your hair (i.e. you’ve slept in or your just lazy). It’s also great for adding volume to a night out hair style, or just to perk up hair from the previous night escapades. Just make sure you really work it in to avoid Nicole Riche Met Gala hair – unless that’s what you’re going for!

  6. Deodorant: Sure Women maximum protection (who knew I had so much to say about deodorant…brace yourselves) - A good deodorant is vital for when you’re running around to lectures or in a heaving sweaty night club! I’ve been trying out the sure maximum protection ones (I was kindly sent these from Mischiefpr- all opinions are my own and it is a honest review) and I’m really impressed. I always felt like men got a better deal with deodorant, like it was stronger, but women couldn’t get away with wearing it without smelling…hunky? So this one lasts 48hours which is great and you can apply it the night before and shower the next day and it still works! I’m bone dry in this deodorant (even when I was in a busy Italian restaurant the other night and my friends boyfriend thought it would be funny to stick his finger in my armpit…he was welcomed by my soft dry as a bone pits OH YES!)I feel like aerosol ones sometimes wear off so was happy to dry this more hard wearing version. They also have different smells which is good (usually these long lasting deodorants have one chemically harsh smell and no alternative).I like every day fresh as it smells just like washing powder so is pretty inconspicuous. I have also tried the confidence one which has a slightly sweeter smell which is also nice, but I do prefer the everyday fresh but only for smell. Both have body response technology, so in other words they respond when you’re running between lectures, general stressing, dancing, or suffering from the alcohol sweats the next day. Bye bye sweaty Betty.

  7. Body moisturiser: Vaseline Spray and go moisturiser- This is great to give legs a sheen on a night out and also in general to keep skin soft and healthy looking. You simply spray on and rub in, but it rubs in in seconds, it’s not like your normal moisturisers where you spend days massaging into the skin. There are different scents such as cocoa butter, however I went for NAME HERE, as I prefer the fresh light smell it leaves, and I find the cocoa butter one has a more distinctive smell. This is also great to easily maintain and improve the longevity of a fake tan. Which if you’re like me, you won’t go on a night without looking as bronzed as Michelle Keegan.

  8. Face moisturiser: Etat Pur Oil free quenching fluid- again this should be a staple every night anyway, but especially when you are dehydrating your skin with lack of sleep and alcohol. This stops if from looking sallow, flaky and bumpy. I'm Currently using the Etat Pur oil free quenching fluid. Its light formula leaves my skin feeling hydrated but not congested. It helps mattify my skin and even skin tone. It has aBiomimetic formula’ (How snazzy) ‘ingredients selected for their perfect affinity with the skin (ingredients identical to those naturally present in the skin, mimetic or useful). No potentially dangerous or superfluous ingredients.’ I have to admit I’ve had no problems with break outs and it is a really nice moisturiser! I got this sample free when I ordered other products from their website. I'd definitely purchase the full size!

  9.  Sudacream- this is my secret weapon against spots. When my skin breaks out, I put this on before I go to bed (I’ve even worn it as a face mask before). It soothes my skin, and reduces the imperfection if not get rid of it all together. This saves the need for expensive products (good for a student budget); again lack of sleep and dehydration can lead to breakouts, so this too can be your saviour. I also use it on cuts (i.e. from falling over in a night club) to stop infection and to hurry along the healing process.

  10. Tangle teaser- This is great to carry around just to un-knot tresses. I have a weave which tends to tangle easily if I’m hot. This cuts through the knots straight away and is handbag friendly, so I often pop it in my bag on a night out to help fend off a mound of matted hair. I have the special edition purple glittery one- pretty!!!

  11. Lip Balm: Maybelline Baby lips- This lip balm is great for hydrating the lips. One of the adverse effects of drinking alcohol and lack of sleep is dehydration so add the moisture back into your lips with this. Also since we are entering the colder months this will keep the chapped lips at bay.

  12. Make up setting spray: Urban Decay De-slickmake-up setting spray- I use urban decay deslick as it stops my face looking shiny. It’s great for a night out when you are in a hot club as it keeps your make-up in place all night and it keeps it matte. It doesn’t have a smell too it which is nice and you just simply spray over your make-up once you’ve done. I’m really happy with the results as I was sick of having a shiny forehead! Again great for all the fresher’s going out partying over the next few weeks.

  13. Fake eyelashes- Peaches and Cream – This turn any day time look to night time and are an essential when I go out. I currently love my peaches and cream ones as they don’t have a harsh band across them so they fit comfortably and don’t look too fake. These are really good quality lashes but are cheap! However I do love the eyelure triple wear and they do look fake but they make you look like a doll! Love it. Also with both sets of lashes you can use them multiple times (provided you don’t have a drunken cry in them).
  14. Finally (NOT PICTURED) drink loads of water, it helps flush out toxins, keep skins and hair healthy. It helps keep digestive health good, it fuels our body and we need at least 8 cups a day (more if you exercise). I never used to monitor how much water I drank but now I have at least 8 cups a day and have noticed a massive difference in the things mentioned above. I have also found it easier to lose weight and seen my energy levels go up!

I hope people found this post helpful, I know a lot of it is pretty obvious but I thought I’d share my recommendations!

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  1. Great post babe and perfect timing lol; I use some of these products and I love em, by the way will try Sudocream. Aw you going back to uni,congrats boo and bring on the deadlines lol

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