Liverpool: Make-up lesson, haul & dining.

After my make-up lesson at Peaches & Cream.
My boyfriend is from Liverpool so this means I spend a fair bit of time there.  I went yesterday to see him and thought I'd book in for a make-up lesson at peaches and cream. They do hair and make up as well as sell gorgeous jewellery , hair accessories, makeup ,even bejewelled festival bras! Girl heaven.
Statement Necklace and Eyelashes from Peaches & Cream (Liverpool).
I started following them on instagram and have even been in the store before and purchased some of their eyelashes and a gorgeous peach statement necklace (which I wear all the time). I then saw that they did make-up and hair lessons and really wanted one. I saw they had a promotion on for a make-up lesson for £25 so rang up and booked a place!

I had my lesson with Katie and she was so lovely and showed me how to apply different products to create a contoured look with a brown smokey eye and a peach gloss lip. I always thought I was okay at make up but this lesson showed me how to do it flawlessly. I was shown what brushes to use and how to hold them. The lesson also included a free pair of their own eye lashes as part of the make up look and a booklet with a step by step guide for when you get home and a list of all the products used (They use a lot of MAC products as well as Lancome, Urban Decay and their own brand, Katie was really helpful though and talked through what products I could replace them with out of my own make-up bag at home).

I would definitely recommended the lessons, they do one on one and group lessons as well as hair ones too. Check out their website (they have an amazing online store that sells their jewellery, make-up and even hair pieces!):

And Instagram.
I also bought the brush set they used while I was there and a new quilted make up case. So excited to use them! (The case and  12 brushes came as a bundle for £60!!A bargain as the brushes are really good quality and comparable to the mac ones : here on website).

I also went into primark whilst there and bought two new tops. A sport hipster esque one and a pink girly one, because I'm lazy and wanted something to throw on with jeans.
Peaches, Primark and Debenhams purchases.
My final purchase was a basics naked palette from debenhams in Liverpool one . I own the naked one palette but wanted a black and a paler beige but couldn’t justify getting the naked 2. I though this palette was also great for my handbag!

Almost Famous Burger.

After the shopping spree, me and my boyfriend headed to almost famous burgers on part street. It has a student diner vibe, with a Jukebox and crazy cocktails. We opted for a double cheese burger, chilli fries and pulled pork fries. I'd recommend this place plus it was cheap, 3 drinks and all that food for two for £30! Which is okay, plus we went a bit over board with the chips (they were pretty big portions).

The night finished back at his watching the British bake off! Perfection.
Moose Coffee (Crosby and Liverpool).
We'd usually get up and head to moose in Crosby (there's one in Liverpool too) for a Canadian breakfast, think cookie dough milkshakes and eggs benedict , pancakes and caramel coffee with lavishes of cream. My boyfriend was working though so no alternative breakfast for me.

Antony Gormley- Another place - Crosby Beach.

If anyone visitors Liverpool I'd recommend peaches and cream (down the road from moorefields station) and the famous burger company and moose, for something different! There's always the docks too if you fancy a drink in a bar and a look round the Tate, the maritime museum and the museum of Liverpool. Or if you’re in Crosby check out the Antony Gormley ‘Another place’ – basically a load of naked iron men statues on the beach. There's so much to do!
The Docks.

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