December Buys.

CrossUrban Outfitters Glittery Leggings £35.CrossCrossRiver Island Black Sequin Dress- eBay £15.Cross
CrossPrimark Polka Dot Collar Shirt £12.Cross
CrossPrimark Western Style Shirt £12.Cross
CrossPrimark Grey Dress £12.Cross
CrossRiver Island Print Midi dress £25.Cross
CrossPrimark Cable Knit Jumper £13.Cross
CrossFrench Connection  Sequin dress-eBay £80.Cross
CrossAqua Couture Dress. eBay £30.Cross
CrossPrimark Dogtooth trousers £2.Cross
CrossJeffrey Campbells Black Spiked –eBay £70.Cross
CrossJeffrey Campbells with Silver studs- Present for my lovely friend Aisha!Cross
CrossTopshop ‘R’ earrings £8.Cross

So here are my December purchases. First of all my urban outfitters leggings are so worth the money, they are super glittery more so than alternatives at missguided and boohoo though you do leave a trail behind (my boyfriend’s car is now glitter fabulous…ooops). Next since it was the party season I bought a river island sequin black dress off ebay….It is SOOOOO tiny, its like a sock, I can’t get it on but one day I will fit into this tiny Barbie clothing just wait! Not that I’m resentful or anything.

Moving on… I bought a whole load of work weary clothes from Primark as at the time I was going to interviews and now that I have got the job I will need a lot more work pieces. These are my more colourful work pieces and I think the Shirts and the cable knit jumper will make a cute outfit. Also look at the Primark trousers, they were £2! They fit nice and they were £2!!! Ridiculous.

I invested in a Midi dress from river island and its actually really flattering considering I’m short and dumpy plus I love the print. My dress purchasing didn’t stop there: I bought a sequin French connection dress of eBay and it is my new favourite dress! It’s flattering and makes a real statement and doesn’t look cheap like some glittery dresses you see. It’s well made and survived my birthday night out untarnished which is a triumph. I also bought an Aqua Couture dress on eBay which is a size too small but this is my motivation dress and I’ve not got far to go until it fits! It's backless and will be my LBD for 2013.
Aqua Couture dress- Mine is in Black :)
I love Jeffrey Campbells so when I saw the Black Spiked pair I’d been lusting after on eBay I couldn’t resist to bid and I won! I love the banana heel and they make my feet look so dinky…though be warned they are the devil in disguise and make your feet burn so bad! Maybe it’s because I’m used to wedges and Litas but I was such a wuss in these shoes. I also bought my friend Aisha  a pair as she lives abroad and I don’t see her very much- got to hook a brother up y’know haha.

I also got these ‘R’ earrings from topshop and have worn them constantly (my name is Rachael for those of you who are like ‘R’???). They remind me of the Kanye West tributes Kim Kardashian donned when they first started dating (also she’s pregnant by him, I’m such a Kardashian’s fan girl and I love Kanye so I’m so happy for them which is a bit sad I know but I don’t care).

So as I mentioned in my last post I am losing weight. I’ve started to eat better and do more exercise. For my Dad’s birthday last year I bought him the ‘Insanity’ work out dvds (If you’ve not seen it here’s the infomercial).

Until now he has been doing it with his mates at the gym but then they stopped doing it so I volunteered to do it with him. Oh my it is Insanity. So far I’m on day 4 which is early days but I’ve already lost weight and my muscles constantly ache but I’m going to stick to it. It is rock hard and I can’t even do all the moves on it since I’m such a weakling  but I still try. It does guarantee amazing results and I’ve seen it for myself with family members and friends that it does!  So in a few months If I appear with a Arnold Schwarzenegger physique don’t be alarmed ;)

Peace out!
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  1. Great buys! Loving the black dress!
    Soo pretty<3

  2. i love everthing you got ! the sequin dress is amazing :)x

    1. Thankyou! It was definitely a bit of a show stopper dress. Just checking out your blog, loving the beauty reviews! x

  3. wow I seriously love every single item you got! :O

  4. Hey, I’m loving your blog! Great post :)

    Come check me out –
    Love, Ellie x

  5. that River Island dress is gorgeous!
    and £2 for them trousers :o !!
    you bargain hunter, you

    1. Thankyou and it's really flattering for a midi- isn't as tight as the topshop ones! x


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