Birthday Haul.

So today I’m 23 years old, I’ve not had a mega freak out yet but I suppose I need to hurry up and grow up! Hopefully by 24 I will have some high flying career and a serious grown up life, fingers crossed.

I’ve had such a lovely birthday, my boyfriend came down from Liverpool and spent the last four days with me. Saturday I went out with him and the girls and it’s all blur so must have been good! Sunday we went to Loch Fyne in Leeds which was tasty but we were so hungover and all I did was moan because my heels were hurting me haha!

So I woke up this morning and I was bombarded with presents from my parents and friends and the BF.
My parents gave me money, this gorgeous MAC clutch containing nude lipstick,gloss,blusher ,black eyeliner and blusher brush. How cute is the packaging? I always wear nudey colours so this was ideal! They also got me some new Jeffrey Campbells, this will be  my 5th pair and I’m loving the camel colour for a change as all my shoes are black. There's the lovely dip dye asos tshirt and body butter and scrub off them as well. Spoilt!


My brother got my the Givenchy Style rottweiler jumper off ebay which I’m so pleased with! Also on Saturday my friend gave me a Mac lipstick and a gorgeous vita liberta tanning set which included mitt, 3 week tan and instant tanning gel ;both I  love!

Finally my boyfriend got me a champeys gift set including bath and shower gel, moisturiser and scrub, all smell gorgeous.He also got me the new Batman and Avengers on DVD (i'm a bit of a geek for batman and the last film is definitely my favourite. I am also madly in love with iron man so anything with him or even Robert Downey Jnr and i'm swooning all over the place!). The best gift of all the was in the card. I opened it up and it said 'here's your real present...A holiday to Barcelona'  ....NO WAYYYY OMG. I still cant believe it but my gorgeous generous boyfriend is taking me to Barcelona in the new year!! I'm such a lucky girl!! Need to get super skinny and get saving!


Anyway I hope you all have a lovely week (I'm off out again on Saturday with the uni girls for yet another celebration of my birthday - can't wait to see them!), and thanks to all my friends for the birthday wishes!

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