November buys!

CrossJeffrey Campbel Claw Wedges from office  £130.CrossMicro Pedi from boots  £39.99.CrossCrossTopshop Frill Socksc £3.50.CrossPrimark Bag with studs  £6.CrossCrossPrimark shit  £12.CrossTopshop bowler £25.CrossOlive Oil replenishing mask from boots 99p.CrossCrossMiss Sporty from Boots khaki nail polish £1.50.CrossTopshop Raccoon Onsie  £34.CrossCrossAmerican apparel halterneck body £25.CrossTopshop Shimmer Dust set  £12.Cross

Here are my purchases from earlier this month, when I had money!Bring on payday. I didn’t realise how much I’d bought and not posted. I should be saving really…maybe I will next month….but anyway here’s my purchases.

I finally decided on some Jeffrey Campbells! Since I already have some Litas I opted for the Claw wedge, they are super high so you have to be careful not to snap your ankles when you wear them but other than that they give you Amazonian length legs which I’m up for with only been 5’4.

I bought some frilly socks to girly up my boots and wedges and also elongate them a bit so they don’t cut my leg off at my ankle making me look like I have man ankles.

I also bought my Raccoon onsie which is surgically attached to me as it is so comfy! I may have to get another so I never go without when it’s in the wash! I invested in a American apparel halterneck leotard which is actually really flattering though I’d recommend pasties or plasters to hide underneath it as you don’t want to be taking people’s eyes out in this cold weather…

I bought a bowler hat from topshop and it looks so silly! I was so disappointed I had to take it back…I think I need it in a bigger size…everyone always mocks me for having a large head so they’d have loved to see this tiny comical hat on it, brilliant.

I got the shirt and bag from primark which were both excellent value and good staple pieces for my wardrobe.

 I also bought a few beauty items this month: The Micro pedi is amazing and well worth the money, it makes ped-eggs and files look like things of the stone ages and gives me the feet of an angel in a matter of seconds, defiantly my buy of the month! I also bought a hair mask they I’m yet to try and some khaki nail polish (I was thinking of doing camouflage nails). Finally I got these topshop glitter pots, the colours are so pretty and I’ve been using them on my nails or as an eye shadow by coating my eyes in vasaline then dabbing the glitter on. I love sparkly things!

Well I hope that wasn't too boring for you and you’ve not let this rubbishy wet weather ruin your day!


  1. Loving the boots!
    Would love you to check out my latest post :)
    Happy Monday Hun xoxo

  2. i have the socks!
    and i don't have that onsie, but i do NEED it!
    so cute!
    oh wow, i just love your blog, brand new follower right here :)
    i love how full of character your blog is, you seem so lovely and like this big bundle of fun!
    please pop over for a proper chat, i'd love to speak more.
    hope to hear from you soon
    laura xx

    1. You are so sweet, it's so nice to hear feedback! I'm loving your blog and i'm now following it! xxx

  3. Great post!
    love your blog:) following now, hope you do the same..kisses♥


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