November Wishes.

Cross1.Topshop Zig Zag print dress  £55.Cross2.Asos Joyrich cool cherub hoodie £120.Cross
Cross3.Asos Leopard Tunic with PU sleeves  £30.Cross
Cross4.Asos Cambridge Satchel in Peach  £110.Cross5.Asos Marc by Marc Jacobs watch  £279.Cross
Cross6.River Island spike hair coils  £6.Cross7.Asos Love Moshino sculpture clutch bag  £50.Cross
Cross8.Asos Love Moschino Large logo bracelet  £85.Cross9.Asos Dinosaur Cuff  Bracelet  £25.Cross
Cross10.Crystale Clothing ( Beanie  £20.Cross
Cross11.Asos shirt with digital print and lace overlay  £38.Cross

It’s coming up to my birthday and Christmas and I’m thinking I may add some of these items to my list. How cute is the printed topshop dress, paired with tights and boots I think it would look so lovely! I’m also liking the cherub print hoodie from ASOS though it is a bit pricey and I can’t decide if it will look tacky fast?? The leopard print jumper with PU sleeves is a hit just because I love leopard print and PU!!

I’ve wanted a Cambridge satchel forever and wanted the neon pink one but I think this peach one may now be the colour for me. I currently have a rose gold fossil watch my boyfriend got my so can’t really get another watch without upsetting him (not that I will ,It’s my favourite item!) but this Marc Jacobs black one is such a nice change from rose gold, I also like the Micheal Kors tortoise shell watches and the new Vivienne Westwood  watch collection really pulls out all the stops.

I did ask my mum for this Moschino clutch for my birthday because its reasonably priced and I think its subtle with the branding however she has put me off slightly by saying it looks more like a make-up bag than a clutch maybe I’ll opt for the new Margiela for H&M candy wrapper bag instead.

I love this chunky crystal cuff though I don’t really wear them, I’d probably wear it once and retire it to the draw. The Moschino cuff is also so pretty and the red and gold look so good together.

I decided I need more beanies in my life so when I get paid I’m going to get this winter warmer from Crystale clothing, little pom pom action!

Finally the print asos shirt , the print is so nice, I adore digital prints and the lace detailing just makes it!

OH AND ONE FINAL THING! I really wanted the Ciate advent calender from Selfridges but it sold outL you get a nail polish every day up to Christmas. I’m gutted. 

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  1. i really want the advent calendar now, great blog - oa


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