November GlossyBox Review!

So about a year ago I signed up for Each month for around£12 they send me a box full of beauty samples and sometimes full sized products from upcoming brands as well as well-known ones. Generally they send out good items but every now and again you get something you’d barely use but that’s the risk you take as you never know what you’re going to get and in general I’ve liked things in almost every box I have received.

You can rate the products on their website and build up ‘glossydots’ these are points that you collect each time you review and when you get a certain amount of points you get a free box. I think the website is a great idea and reasonably priced especially when usually the products you receive have a higher retail value than what you paid for the box. They are a great idea for Christmas presents as well! (Can I just say I’m not sponsored by them and all opinions are my own!)

So I thought I’d share and review this month’s products with you!

Dr.Jart + - Water fuse beauty balm. (15ml).
This is a beauty balm for sensitive skin and UV A and B protection. It is a very light BB cream and is great as a primer or if you want to create a no make-up look. It gives the skin a dewy look and is very moisturizing. I like the product as a primer however the coverage is too thin to wear as a foundation alone.

Dr.Jart's BB cream from the tube and then rubbed in.

I am a fan of BB creams and usually use Skin79 VIP gold collection super BB cream which I get off eBay from Japan , it has all the benefits of the Dr.Jart one but also has a whitening element (it isn’t bleach, I did my research and there is no peroxides present or anything harmful to skin or health) it even reduced the appearance of a scar near my nose so I’m a big fan, it also can be worn as a foundation alone or I use it as a primer when I’m going out. I’d definitely recommend the Skin 79 BB cream as I have repurchased it a few times now.
Anyway back to the Dr.Jart one in my glossy box: Coverage was thin, very moisturizing and light as great as a primer especially to nourish skin during the harsh winter weather.

Star rating: 3.5 /5.

Burberry Bod Eau de Parfum .(4.5ml).
This is a sweet yet musky perfume which is a combination of green absinthe, rose and cashmere. I do like the smell as I like clean and light smelling perfumes however I’m not a fan enough to purchase it I don’t think. You do get quite a bit in this sample bottle though which is always a plus and it’s such a pretty bottle!

Star rating: 3 /5.

Alison Claire Natural Beauty: Mango Body Butter. (50ml)

This is a new brand to glossy box and I have really enjoyed using this product. It has a thick texture and leaves skin feeling nourished and soft. The smell is gorgeous and doesn’t have that strong over powering smell some mango products have but more of a subtle smell. I would recommend this product and again the sample is very generous in size and the packaging is attractive the only downside is that you have to pump it a far bit to get a sizeable amount out of it!

Star rating: 4.5 /5.

Nails Inc. Caviar Top coat. (4ml).

I must say I was a bit disappointed when I received this top coat as other members received a bright red or grey colour so the top coat seemed a bit boring. I don’t really use top coats as I’m usually too impatient with my nails to apply one plus I usually use my OPI fast dry as a top coat again because I am impatient! However this does give a nice shine though I’m unsure whether it made my nail polish last longer or whether it was the nail polish itself. It’s always nice however to receive a well-known brand and I’m willing to keep trying this product.

Star rating: 3 /5.

Dermalogica: Daily Microfoliant. (13g).

Unlike other exfoliants this product is in a powder (‘a unique rice-based powder’). You shake the powder into wet hands and make a creamy like liquid before gently rubbing into skin. It claims the enzymes lift the dead skin cells leaving the skin brighter and smoother. 

The Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant powder.

I did really enjoy using this product, it’s probably because I’ve been lured in by it been a powder though really you just mix it with water and end up with a normal exfoliator! It did leave my skin brighter and smooth and I would definitely  consider buying this product though I am happy with the Microdermabrasion my no7 from Boots which I currently use as this also leaves my skin super soft and brighter (and for a fraction of the price (£11/75ml).
But overall the Dermalogica daily microfoliant is a great product and I have been very impressed with other Dermalogica products that I have tried.

Star rating: 4.5 /5.

I hope you found these reviews helpful! Next time I may do a review of new products I have bought over the past few months or even a little view into the products I use regularly! I really want to start doing outfit of the day posts but I’m waiting to buy a stand for my camera and I’m currently trying to lose weight (maybe I’ll blog about that and how it’s such a chore! BEWARE UNIVERSITY+BOYFRIEND= FOOD FOOD FOOD. I mainly want a healthy lifestyle though not some quick fix or fad which is coming along nicely).

Anyway…Hope you’ve all had a nice weekend!


  1. thanks for letting us know about this, I think I may join that webpage! must feel like christmas every month
    following you!!

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