Fighting ageing with Anthelios XL.

I may be a little late for UK readers with this post since the sunshine peaked about two weeks ago and now we are left with our usual grey skies and rain, however even if it’s not sunny those pesky UV rays still cause damage to our skin, causing use to age and be wrinkly wrinkletons.

I decided that I wanted a UV blocking moisturiser to wear under my make up for extra protection. I wanted it to be waterproof, high spf and block both UVB and UVA rays. What’s the difference in UV? Well…Ultraviolet A is long wave and Ultraviolet B is short wave. It is invisible to the naked eye because of its wavelength. Both these UV’s penetrate our earth’s atmosphere and cause premature skin ageing, eye damage (such as cataracts) , can repress the immune system as well as skin cancers.

UV A, due to its longer wave length penetrates our basal epidermis, so in other words more deeply in the skin. While  UV B targets the upper epidermal layer of our skin causing it to go red and burn. Both potentially denature the structure of DNA within the skin causing cancer and the effects of ageing. (This is why you shouldn’t use sunbeds!!!!)

So in order to fight these invisible tyrants I invested in  La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL which is a tinted cream 50+ spf with both UVB+UVA protection. Yes maybe I will never be in 50°c conditions but I’d rather be over protected than under.

Another selling point is that it is water proof and paraben free.

The tint is subtle giving light coverage and a light glow, so it is not too overpowering as a make-up base. It also has a patented filtering system ‘Mexoplex’, these are ingredients that block UVA rays for longer periods of time than sunscreens that don’t contain it.

I can honestly say I am happy with this product, knowing the protection it gives and it’s easy application.
What protective skin care do other people use? Let me know!!!

**I am not expert. I bought the product myself and am in no way associated with the brand**

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