Rihanna at River Island

Just a quick post; I thought I'd do a little purchase update. I spend most weekends in Liverpool with my better half and a few weeks back we had to go into town to get his mate a birthday present. I was good and bought some rings and he bought me a Rihanna dress in the Riverisland sale.

I've been looking for a ring stack for ages but could t get my hands on any plain ones. I saw these is h&m and for £2.99 you can't go wrong. I got them is xs/s however they are a bit baggy on some fingers but hey, they were a bargain!

Now I'd seen the Rihanna dress on the website and wasn't bothered but when I saw it in the sales I thought I'd try it on. It's a really flattering surprisingly (as its really fitted). It's simple in design and I love the split and knot detailing. My night out outfit is sorted!

I'm excited for the new Rihanna stuff to hit riverisland, I like the base ball jerseys and a bit of camo. I must admit I'm not feeling the whole 'G4Life' motifs on everything. Maybe i'm not that ghetto, but it just reminds me of the chavs back at school and it's the sort of thing they'd have written in tipex on their pencil case!

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