Maybelline Baby Lips.

They've finally reached the UK! After been raved about in America I really wanted to try the Maybelline Baby lips so went on a hunt as soon as it was released over here. The only one I could get my hands one was the ‘Intense Repair’ (which is probably the one I’d have got initially anyway, though the cherry and mint do sound yum!).

They have spf 10 and provide up to 8 hour moisture. Now they are very moisturising, however after applying at 9am I did have to reapply at 1pm, however my lips were soft and still are from applying once a day. The intense repair is super nourishing (as the name suggests) and isn’t flavoured. I’m happy with the balm as it has left me with lips that are the ideal canvas for lipstick, say good bye to flaky lips!

*I bought the product and all opinions are my own*.

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