Nivea in shower body lotion review.

After seeing adverts for this product on the tv and posters I was intrigued! The idea of moisturising without feeling tacky in your clothes afterwards was definitely appealing. now it's getting warmer (no one wants dry lizard legs) moisturiser is a must. So I headed to boots and got the more intense moisturiser containing the almond oil, I wouldn't say I have dry skin but I was dubious whether it would work so wanted the more concentrated one.

Fast forward to two weeks later and using the product every night in the shower. You apply it onto damp skin after using your normal shower gel,massage in,then rinse. Very simple, I was pleased with the fuss free application. Though again i was sceptical; surely rinsing it off makes it pointless as you're just washing it away?

The results:

I have used it religiously for two weeks and I do like the product. It doesn't smell of almonds, in fact it doesn't really smell of anything, just smells like a moisturiser! The texture is just like a moisturiser too though not as absorbent into the skin.My skin is softer and it is a lot more convenient , though I would say the effects aren't the same as actually moisturising post shower; Your skin is left soft but not as soft as using a body butter.

I'd recommend this product to maintain soft skin, but not as a quick fix for dry skin. I was left with super soft skin when moisturising after the shower as well as using the in shower moisturiser. I do like the product and I'll carry on using it every shower and maybe moisturise outside the shower twice a week on top. Also, I think if you use t religiously everyday a bottle lasts just over a month as mines about half way through a already!

I wonder what the milder Nivea in shower moisturiser is like?I May have to try it as my skin may respond differently to it.

This product is available at most retailers like boots and super drug and is about £3.39.

Has anyone tried the in shower moisturisers too? What did you think?

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****I purchased the product myself and this is an honest review.****


  1. Never tried this but really want to! Sounds awesome great review :)
    Penny Rose

    1. Thank you! I'd recommend it, just purchased my second bottle!



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