Zara Sale Buys.

After going into zara and longing for so many items but not been able to justify parting with my money (since losing weight I seem to be spending more on beauty items,I must be holding out for clothes until I achieve my Victoria secret bod), the sale has finally arrived and the guilt subsided!

Of course initially I went on the hunt for the 'it' cross over skorts that every fashionista and their dog owns, however this had sold out (surprise surprise), however eBay to the rescue (link here)!

For just over a fiver,with postage,I can't complain, and I will do a post in the fit when they arrive. I've tried on the zara ones before so I can't see how these can be much different...fingers crossed. I got them in black as there what is get the most wear out of; I'll team them with a baggy roll sleeve tshirt and some strappy heels, chic!

I also wanted a pencil skirt, but again they too had sold out. All was not lost however! The white embossed top with crystal collar trim is now mine!

On the hanger it looks boxy and  unflattering, but on a recent trip to zara in Liverpool one I decided to try it on and fell in love! The white with the crystal collar is so beautiful and looks super fierce with a tan and red lip. I wanted it so bad but every top in the store had make up smeared all over it and for £39.99 I didn't want to take it home to find that some one else slap was forever entwined within the fibres (I manage to try clothes on without getting make up on them!!). I was over joyed to see this in the sale and with £10 off It was meant to be. It was delivered to my door, crisp, white, with no trace of orangutan foundation stain to be seen.
I was very controlled on this little online sale spree and thought this roll clutch was really nice (again a staple for the lookbookers and instagramers).

 It was £15.99 so wasn't reduced by masses (I think it was originally £22.00ish) but I thought you can't go wrong with a black clutch, the only other one I have is a black Vivienne Westwood one with the orb on which can be a bit bling at times, my other go to clutch is my American apparel large  tan leather sleeve, but it's not black, this is black, it's not bling, therefore it makes sense to add it to my collection ( that was my trail of thought- we have to justify spending money on things right?!).
Did anyone else shop the sales? I'm betting everyone picked up the gorgeous zara strappy sandals, I heard they were uncomfortable so let them pass me by this time! I am ever so tempted to get the pointed toe ones though...
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