Wish list 04/11/2013.

Morning, Just doing a quick post before I head off to Uni for a Statistics lecture, OH BOY!
Anyway, I'm trying to be better with money as one day I'd actually like to grow up and have a house and a thousand spaniels but that needs money; so instead of adding everything to basket automatically, I have held back and just admired from afar. So here is yet another wish list of items I wish I could afford :( (Note: if you want money, don't  be a student).

All the stuff I want could be a little capsule autumn/winter wardrobe for me. I love been able to wear dark colours, knits and chunky shoes. I love the print of the crystale tshirt, I think the print is so autumny! The zara sheer tshirt I'd ear under my short sleeve tshirts, or on its own with an Alexander Wang style bralette underneath, though I imagine some people would just think I'm parading about in my see through clothes but they just don't get it...right?

T By Alexander Wang Silk Bralette.
I really want a rucksack for uni, and the platform shoes would look so nice with the black zara ripped jeans with a bare ankle, you can't really tell but the jeans are rips all up them, if you click on the link under the image you can see better picture, but basically they are nice and dishevelled looking. The tartan scarf is appearing on bloggers everywhere and thanks to them it has sold out, THE HUNT IS ON. 

I like this men's Zara shirt because it looks baggy and effortless and is the beloved tartan print! And finally the Dr Martens are so punky, I adore the chunky sole, I image they'd make your legs look skinnier because they are so clumpy (That's a good thing in my opinion).

So lots of tartan, black and chunky shoes please. 

So off to Uni I go,wearing my glasses today so I look more studious... nah my eyes are all sleepy!Plus I have about 10,000 post it notes behind me with all the work I need to do on :( !!!!

Have a nice day!

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  1. Nice pieces!!



  2. Amazing items...I need a bakpack like this one so bad!!

  3. I need a pair of Dr martens in my life
    Afeeyah xo

    New post ~ http://smilerrr.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/denim-on-denim-my-way.html

  4. I want all those, beautiful!!

    1. I know right! I followed your blog, really like your posts so far!



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