Wish list

Celine Check skater shoe £450.

There are 4 items I am currently obsessing over. I keep getting random urges to get into debt and buy them, then reality kicks back in.

First of all this Ganni coat, I love the checks and also how it isn’t black. Everything I own is black, and I think this and a white long sleeve tshirt, blue jeans and some pointed courts would look so nice. Unfortunately/Thankfully it is sold out everywhere, I wouldn’t usually look at £325 coat but recently I told myself to  no longer spend my money on cheap fad fashion items and instead save the money and invest in good quality pieces.

The next one is this Givenchy Bambi shopper, again this has sold out. I reckon it could look dated quite quickly because of the print but then again it will always have that novelty and it is Givenchy! And in terms of Givenchy bags it’s at the £550 mark which is more realistic for me to own than there tote bags at over £1000. I would get my use out of it as I do love a big handbag.

The Celine pumps are constantly haunting me. I’ve found a few boutiques that you can order them from over the phone but they are silk so are asking to be ruined. There are also £450 which for some skater shoes is steep, but they are the iconic Celine pumps. With the Ganni coat I’d look like one of those Granny Washing bags, do you know the ones? I still want them though.

Finally the pink Acne Sweater. I love the colour which is so on trend right now (and takes me away from my dark clothing), it looks thick and expensive, I also love the cut of it. But at £400 for a plain jumper it is a bit steep, it’s just asking to be ruined by a tomato soup/coffee/curry stain/tan, I’d actually cry if I’d spent £400 on something and stained in. So if anyone finds a good dupe at about a 10th of the price let me know!!!

What do you think? Crazy prices for nice items , are they worth it or are you paying for the label? Out of all of them I think the coat and the bag are the most justifiable…right?

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  1. Great selection, I love the sweater! Maybe we could follow each other via gfc? It would be great to stay in touch!


  2. That bambi tote is so adorable! :)

  3. those skater shoes are so adorable!! they look so comfy and trendy


  4. Great!))Very beautiful bag!) Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog. xoxo

    1. Yes I'd love to follow you just checking your blog out now!


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