Wish list.

I’ve not done a wish list in such a long time, so I’d thought I’d share my most wanted items.

Firstly I really want some leather trousers, I wanted real leather but just couldn’t find a style I liked; I came across these faux leather topshop ones that I really like as I wanted some high waisted ones. Lets just hope that if I do get them that there isn’t a Ross from friends situation…note to self: If get sweaty don’t use baby powder.

Now the next item is a bit unrealistic now I’m a student however it is a lot cheaper than the other Givenchy bags. It has their new bambi print on too which I think makes it a bit quirky. When justifying wanting it to my Boyfriend my argument was I could fit my uni file in it, surely that practicality is worth the £560 price tag.

I like this simple grey jumper from topshop, the zip detail at the back is nice. It’s long enough to cover my bum and I like the cropped sleeves. I think this with the leather pants would look quite good.

As you may be able to tell I’m on the hunt for some new shoes. I like the furry topshop slip ons, though my friends don’t ‘they will look all matted and gross when it rains’, fair point but since I can’t afford the Celine skate shoes I actually want these may have to be an alternative. It’s also annoying that about 6 months ago I gave my van skate shoes to a charity shop…bummer.
Celine Skater shoe.
I have my eye on two sets of Jeffrey Campbells, the flatforms since I’ve been looking for some buckle boots but with a twist, I’m worried I’ll look like lurch though; again the friends and boyfriend don’t approve. I really like the Jeffrey Campbell heels as well, the chunky sole reminds me of the Stella McCartney platform clogs but at a slightly more affordable price.
Stella McCartney.

Finally Bleach London has come to Boots in the UK and I really want to jump on the bandwagon and buy something. I thought this purple would look nice on the tips of my  light brown hair, though I am debating on whether to dip dye it again…I usually last about 5 minutes with a dip dye as I get tired of my hair looking dry.
[Do I dip dye my hair again? hmmmm]

Do you like any of these items? What items are you lusting after?
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  1. I for one I am in still in a quest of a leather piped skinny. I love leather especially when going out. It looks beautiful on the skin, You have a great blog.


    1. Yeah I think I'm going to hold out and get some real leather ones, but it is so hard to find the perfect pair! Thank you! xx

  2. Need the celine skate shoes in my life x


    1. I know the feeling :( I've been hunting for them and there's a few boutiques you can telephone order them from but there £375 and silk, so I'd definitely ruin them in all this rain! xx

  3. I love the Jeffrey Campbell scully shoes, I've seen them in white too and there just amazing!
    love this post!
    -Magenta x



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