Back to university- first day outfit.

This is a bit late, but better late than never. I started back at university 3 weeks ago now, and boy is it intense! (Hence the lack of blog posts). I have loads of extra reading and assignment research to do, never mind commuting every day since I opted to live at home. My whole life is University at the moment and I’m really struggling to find time to blog and exercise; I’m guessing these things will improve once I get into the routine.

I thought I’d do an outfit post on my first day of uni look. I went for a casual look with big waves and a brown smokey eye – please bare in mind I don’t look like this now for uni, as time has gone on the 5am rise has taken its toll and I look no where near like I’ve made an effort – shame on me!

Here are the make-up products I used:

Fit me Foundation by Maybelline
MUA cupcake blush
Hd Brow palette and setting gel
17 liquid eyeliner
Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay
Maybelline Baby Lips Intensive care.
George at Asda Bronzer.

 I did my hair using the Mark Hill large wand, and grabbing the curls when just released from the wand and pinning them up while they cooled to stop them from going shapeless and dropping. After doing my whole head I applied my make-up and then after went back to let the curls down. HELLO SAUSAGE CURLS! I then brushed it out and smoothed with my fingers to create a more glam wave.

I wore my Primark Baseball top, Topshop Leigh jeans, River Island Leather Sleeve coat and my Zara city bag. (These photos are shocking as I had no one to take them, sorry!).

I’m going to find time to blog more instead of becoming a full time university zombie!
See you again soon! (Hopefully  :/ )

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