May Favourites.

Hello June! And hello sunshine!

I’m falling so far behind with blogging it’s unreal! So sorry! I’ve been so busy with work and just haven’t had the time.

Anyway apologies done, let’s see what products I’ve been loving the past month. It’s all make-up this month, however I have got some other beauty products I’m trying out and I promise to post about them and let you know my verdict.

Rimmel wake me up foundation in ‘100 ivory’.

So the first product I have enjoyed this month is the Rimmel Wake me up foundation. I got this a while back and wasn’t impressed, the coverage wasn’t great and it made my skin look dull (the opposite of the ‘wake me up’ I wanted). Since the sun has finally made an appearance here in the UK I went for this product again as it has SPF 15. This time instead of using my beauty blender to apply I used my new Real techniques expert face brush (purchased last month) ; this time the results were totally different. It gave medium coverage and a brighter finish, without been heavy or going cakey by the end of the day. It gives me more of a natural skin finish. So it all came down to how I applied it, so the next time I dislike a product I may look at different ways of applying it rather than just leaving it to collect dust in my vanity case!  One final thing about this product : I try to avoid wearing it for nights out as SPF containing foundations always make you look chalky when there is photos with flash (just a word of warning).

The pros:

  • Light to medium coverage.
  •  Natural looking.
  •   Long lasting.

The cons:

  •     Makes you look like a ghost face on photos with flash on a night/in da club bro.

Benefit ‘They’re real’ mascara.

Another product I have returned to last month was the Benefit ‘they’re real’ mascara. I’ve had this before and adored it but when It ran out I decided against parting with my money and went for my other favourite NYC Bold mascara for a snippet of the price. My NYC mascara ran out though and luckily I had just received a sample of this Benefit mascara free with a magazine, it was either Elle or In Style.

The pros:
·         Thickens lashes quickly
·         Separates and lengthens.
·         Really black.
·         Only need one coat for super thick lashes.

The cons:
·         It can transfer.

So as you can see it is a pretty amazing mascara and well worth the hype, but as mentioned the downside is it does transfer and can give you a black ring under your eyes. I get round this by only applying it to the top lashes and then applying a different waterproof mascara to my bottom lashes.

Benefit ‘Eye Bright’.
Looks like I’ve been loving me some Benefit in May! I’ve been using their Eye Bright pencil religiously every day on my waterline to create a wide eyed look. It really brightens the eye area making the white of your eyes seem bigger and whiter. It is a pale pink colour so isn’t as harsh as a white pencil and has a creamy consistency so glides on well.

Natural Collection Lip Liner in ‘Espresso’.
This is another product I’ve owned for a while but for some reason I haven’t sang its praises. I was watching ‘ThePersianBabe’ on youtube and she was raving about this lip liner and I was like ‘I use that and it is amazing!’ , so I thought I’d rave about it too as I do use it literally every time I wear nude lipstick which is pretty much every day. The colour mean it goes with a variety of nudes and it doesn’t leave you with 80’s drag power lips (I’m thinking Lily Savage) but is subtle and really can make your lips seem bigger when applied right. It glides on and is pigmented so one layer suffices.  Definite star product at a bargain price.

YSL Rouge volupte lipstick in ’Nude Beige’.
My staple lipstick for May has been the YSL Rouge volupte lipstick in ’Nude Beige’. Though very pricey for a lipstick it is gorgeous. It is extremely hydrating and leaves my lips soft and it tastes like…I want to say water melon…it just tastes nice! I got it in the nudey pink colour and it just suites all make up looks. It also doesn’t cause you to have scabby lips when its worn off, or patchy lips, it just leaves them smooth. I do love this lipstick and I would definitely go purchase other colours. Plus how beautiful is the packaging, this is my go to lipstick for everyday and when I’m using my see through clutch bag and I want to look swanky!

MAC Pro Longwear blusher in ‘Stand by me’.
You may recognise this blusher from a Beauty haul from not long back, and look it’s almost all gone. I use it virtually every day. I love the peachy colour and the soft peach sheen it leaves on my cheeks. Again this colour goes with most make up looks, it is subtle enough to go with a red lip but warming enough to go with a nude lip. I will probably purchase this colour again or one similar, Mac has just brought out an Orange shade collection so maybe I’ll pick up another peachy blush from that! My poor bank balance.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.
The final product that I have loved is one that every beauty blogger/youtuber raves about, and I am going to join them. This real techniques make-up brush is great for applying bases, foundations, and highlighters. I thought nothing would beat my beauty blender until I gave this a whirl. The tightly packed bristles mean it buffs my make-up out into a flawless finish. Don’t get me wrong beauty blenders do this as well but as I mentioned earlier some formulations work better with a brush than a sponge. It is also so versatile, I can use it with foundation and with other cream and liquid products. I can’t wait to buy some more from the real techniques range as I am really impressed!

I used my May favourite products in this Make-up look. I also braided my hair since I was in a summery mood (I saw a girl on a night out with her hair like this and it looked so cute so I copied it!) I haven’t edited the photos so you could see the real colours.
Foundation: Rimmel ‘wake me up’ foundation in ‘100 ivory’.
Concealer: Maybelline Dream lumitouch shade ‘01’ (mum gave me it to try)
Brows: HD brow palette in vamp and HD setting gel.
Cheeks: Mac Prolongwear blush ‘stand by me’
 Mascara top lashes: Benefit They’re real
Mascara bottom  lashes: MUA mega volume mascara waterproof
Water line liner: Benefit Eye Bright
Eye liner bottom lashes: Benefit Bad Gal eyeliner
Eye liner Top  lid: Illamasqua Gel Liner applied with Mac Brush 209
Lids: Mac Paint pot in ‘Lets skate’ and contour on lid done with Urban Decay Naked Palette shade ‘buck’
All set with Mac Fix+ spray.
(T-shirt- Asos.)

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend and share you May favourites below! I shall leave you with a picture off my instagram, enjoying the sunshine in my Zara shades.

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***All opinions are my own, and all products were bought by me***


  1. I loooove the way you do your makeup!! It's perfect! (: I followed you on GFC and Bloglovin' (:

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    1. Thank you! I've followed you back,I really like your blog!


  2. We love They're Real! It's amazing. You're gorgeous, and that eye bright looks stunning on you!! Nice reviews! xo


    1. Thank you so much! Lovely comment and i've followed your blog as your reviews are soooooo good! xx


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