Beauty Haul.

  ** All opinions are my own, I purchased all these products on my own accord and am in no way associated with the brands**

Urban Decay Naked Palette and Eye shadow primer
Debenhams £36

I finally departed with my money and invested in the real deal. I wasn’t really a fan of eye shadows during the day but after reading rave reviews I gave in and bought this pallete and I love it! I’m wearing a brown Smokey eye during the day to mix things up and there are so many colour combinations to choose from to create day and night looks. The primer also seems to work well holding the shadow in place all day. I loved it so much and recently me and some friends chipped in and bought it as a birthday present for someone. Pricey but worth it!

Original Source Vanilla milk and Raspberry
Boots £3

I mentioned this in my favourite products of 2012 and have repurchased it, it just smells so good!

Sugar crush body scrub by Soap and Glory
Boots £12

So many YouTube bloggers rave about this body scrub and since I exfoliate every day in the shower (I know you’re not meant to but it works for me) I tend to go through scrubs quickly. My dirty works one ran out so I thought I’d try this one. The scent is gorgeous however it wasn’t the best exfoliator I have used however it is probably good on the skin as an everyday scrub as it isn’t mega abrasive.
NYC big bold mascara
Superdrug £2

I usually use Dior show, Benefit they’re real or Boujour clubbing mascara as I love thick fake looking lashes but saw this for £2 in Superdrug and thought what have I got to lose….and it’s AMAZING. I’d say it is very close to the higher end mascaras with great build up making my lashes thick and full. The brush applies enough to create thick lashes and you only need 2 coats for a mega built up look. They could so get away with charging more for this product as it is better than most drug store mascaras. Everyone needs to go out and try this!

MUA mega volume mascara
Superdrug £3.99

MUA also get great reviews so I thought I’d try this mascara as well and to be honest I was disappointed as it didn’t live up to its ‘mega volume’ name. It does separate the lashes nicely but I wouldn’t say it gave volume. I much prefer the NYC one for half the price. This is good for the more natural look I guess.
Rimmel wake me up foundation
Boots £8.99

I thought I’d try this after watching Zoella’s YouTube and her favourite products of 2012. I’m usually a dedicated Illamasqua rich liquid foundation girl but sometimes find this a bit heavy for during the day and find I sometimes get blocked pours when I use it continuously for a few months. I wouldn’t say it gave me a more awake look but that may be because my Illamasqua one has that effect and I’m just used to it? It has medium coverage and is a nice texture on the skin. I would recommend this as a day to day or work foundation.
 Dior Skin air flash spray foundation
Debenhams £33

Again I gave in to temptation and bought this high end aerosol foundation. It gives buildable coverage and left my skin flawless and dewy. The price however means it isn’t very economical as you need a few layers to build a flawless look and I’d recommend wearing a shower cap because it just ends up getting all in your hair making you look like some big beige yeti! It’s a quick but expensive method of getting the airbrushed look, it is good though!

Mac Fix+
 £7 online £13 in store (why?)

I usually use the Urban Decay Dew me setting spray and thought I’d try this one. It works equally as well and seems to keep my make-up in place (apply before you do your mascara though otherwise you end up looking like a panda or Alice Cooper).

Illamasqua rich liquid foundation
Sale £10

As you may have guessed I love this foundation. It’s better than any MAC or other bran I have used and featured in my favourite products. I’ve got loads of my friends converted and I really recommend it to everyone. It gives great coverage; a little goes a long way and leaves you looking flawless. I’d buy it full price not just in the sale! The staff are always so helpful and always give you a mini make over and try to give you a good deal.

Illamasqua Under eye concealer in white
Sale £5

My other Illamasqua concealer was running low and I saw this pure white one in the sale. It really brightens up under the eye and is a great highlighter under the eye and across the cheek bones Kardashian style!

Illamasqua pure pigment
Sale £5

Since this was in the sale I thought why not! I love the midnight blue glitter and it’s so pigmented and creates a great midnight Smokey eye. Illamasqua pigments are amazing and I own a few of their glitters. I find MAC doesn’t stock the glitters all year and this is definitely a great alternative.

Beauty blender and blender cleanser
BeautyBay £21

This makes foundation brushes look like cave man tools; it makes my make-up look flawless and blends so easily to the point you can apply your foundation without a mirror. It also feels like you get more use out of your foundation as it isn’t lost to the sponge. I read somewhere Kim Kardashian uses this and my friend Afeeyah123 (check her out) on YouTube also recommended it in one of her posts so I just had to buy and it’s amazing. I take it everywhere as it’s great if your make-up smudges too just to blend away any imperfections. I also tried the cleanser which wasn’t amazing at cleaning the blender but my foundation is quite thick so did take some work to clean out.

Hope this post wasn't too boring! I went a bit crazy with trying new products!


  1. I'm using mua foundation and it's ok for work but for a special event I use dior.I'll be happy if you check out my blog too :)

    1. Yeah i'm keeping mine for special events! Checked it out and love it! you have beautiful style, very jealous of your chanel bag! x

  2. I was thinking about buying the Rimmel wake me up foundation but I am not sure :/
    I love Dior,their foundations are amazing! xx

    1. It's okay just like a normal foundation, if you want full coverage i'd definitely recommend the illamasqua one! x

  3. I love soap & glory products so much, theyre great!!


  4. hey, love your blog and your dress sense is so nice!
    I love your outfit in your previous post. :)

    It would be nice if you could check out my blog too..

  5. Hey just found your blog and love it :D, ive been looking for a decent drugstore mascara for ages that I can just wear everyday, but have never found one that gives good volume, so i'll deffo give this MUA one a go. Also i'm a blogger living in yorkshire too. thumbs up for the north :D.


    1. I'd definatley go for the NYC mascara for volume from super drug then, it's so good! Ooh thank you :) I shall check out your blog! X

  6. First off, hey boo; I love your haul #makeupAddictsUnite lol, but am deffo gonna try the NYC mascara now cos I know your lashes always look so lush!! I love the Soap n Glory Sugar Crush and I Lurve my beautyblender; thinking about doing a video on itand btw I got a new channel ( the old one was hacked or something :(
    Anyways I have babbled on enough; new follower and Love ya x

    1. Hey!! Yeah get the mascara it is such a bargain! I love my beauty blender and your YouTube introduced me to it so thank you! I've just added your new channel :) xxx


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