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So January is always a hit for the sales, plus general sitting inside doing online shopping. I thought I’d share with you the time of the year where designer is attainable.
Romwe tunic £26.

The Romwe Givenchy inspired tunic appeared in a previous post and I love the digital print and can’t wait to team it with my Disco leggings, Isabel Marant wedge trainers and a beanie! I’ll be rocking it with my new turquois rucksack also from romwe, it reminded me of the Grafea white ruck sack in one of my previous lusting after posts but I can’t afford those crazy prices and thought this was such a cute alternative for a smidge of the price (plus I know I’d get make up or something on the white one!).

❤Romwe mint rucksack £28 
❤Grafea.com rucksack £160
I love Romwe.com, it’s a favourite with the lookbook.nu posters and they have so much choice and alternative yet on trend items and will definitely be purchasing from there again and would highly recommend it. (Be careful if in the UK as you may get charged import tax if you spend more than £45).
❤Nelly.com necklace £30
❤Nelly.com ring £3
YSL arty 'love' ring rrp £180 .
Nelly.com is also another website I have discovered and fallen in love with because of its accessories. I purchased this Celine inspired necklace and I’m drawn to its chunky gold links and the plate which I’ve seen popping up on a few necklaces. I also got this YSL inspired arty ring (The real deal retails at about £200 so snapping it up for £3 is a steal). Recently I have seen boohoo and other sites now provide similar rings. I really want the real deal, maybe a red stoned one so I may add it to my list of things to save for. Again this website is based abroad but they delivered super-fast (within 5 days!).
❤Topshop Leigh jeans £36 and t-shirt £16
I also bought some basic staple items from topshop: I usually avoid jeans as they make me feel so much fatter and restricted but these Leigh topshop jeans are so lightweight and stretchy that they don’t feel like jeans and don’t look like they add the pounds! A few friends recommended them to me and I’m so glad I listened to them; I went for black blue for a change from black. I also bought a white boyfriend t-shirt with grey roll up sleeves, it’s so versatile and the grey roll ups give it a little something extra.
❤ Zara Heels £39.99 £29.99
❤Zara Sunglasses £19.99 £9.99
Now for my sale items! Firstly Zara; I’ve wanted the shoes for so long but refused to part with my money (god knows why usually I just throw it away) so when I saw them on sale I went to Leeds and bought them along with these awesome round glasses which I can’t wait to rock even in these Arctic conditions I am on high alert for even a glimmer of sun light and these bad boys will be coming on (My boyfriend will be calling me a dickhead for doing this haha but UV eye protection is important…).

❤ Yves Saint Laurent 'Tribute' heels £325  £97
 Now for my investment sale pieces. I am now the proud owner of some genuine Yves Saint Laurent 'tribute ' heels which I bought Christmas morning in the Harvey Nichols sale and they are so flattering and make my feet look so dinky and can’t wait for a trip to a swanky restaurant to wear them, my 3 year anniversary is coming up and I’m been taken to posh restaurant so these are my shoes of choice …maybe even the sunglasses haha just playing dogggsss. Anywayyyyyy…

❤Alexander Mcqueen Ipad case Ner-a-porter.com  £85 £35
I also got an Alexander McQueen Ipad case, I love tartan and the little switch blade logo is pretty cool and gives it a punk edge. I always whip it out at work but no one’s noticed but I feel like a classy broad and that’s all that counts right. Wow I sound so materialistic but I guess this is a blog about clothes and make-up.
Finally how cool is my new Costa cup my beautiful friend Jordan got me as a leaving present from work, its providing me with hot beverages on my way to work in a fluster! So practical.

Did anyone find any gems in the sale???


  1. love the YSL ring and heels, such bargains! x

  2. I love the Nelly chain necklace and the Yves Saint Laurent shoes! So pretty
    Daniella x


    1. I think they do a Celine style chain in H&M now for a fraction of the price! x


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