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Celine Tshirt eBay
Here is one of my OOTDs posted on instagram. I love my gold chain so much and my Celine tshirt. I teamed it up with jeans and my new ring.

 As you can see I had all my hair cut off (Dip dying destroyed it) but it did’nt last long as I have since had a weave put in. 
It took less than an hour and created a much fuller effect compared to when I had bonded extensions. For people who are familiar what a weave is, it is where they braid your hair tight to you scalp and then sew on strips off hair. It was a bit uncomfortable but not too painful and my head was only sore for the first night. Loving having long tresses!
 photo Capture_20130202222_zpsc3619a91.gif

Also today I was heading out to pick up my dry cleaning (I don’t know why but I feel so hip saying I have dry cleaning…god knows why) and was raiding the family shoe closet when I came across some hidden treasure…my mums old nike air maxs. There about 10 years old and never worn yet I think they are so cool and just like the ones back in trend now! My bestie Aisha confirmed they are pretty rad so I think these are my new shoe crush. Plus it saves me spending a bag of cash on some new ones! What do you guys think? Yay or nay?

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

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  1. Love your outfit hun, I NEED that celine top desperately! I also love the air max's, I dont see them much on the blogging world and Im glad someone wears them!! :)

  2. I love your hair, it's so gorgeous! Also, the air max's are great, nice to see something old becoming new again! :) x


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