2012 Beauty favourites.

Sorry for the delay, I’ve started my new job so have been a bit busy. So here we are, my favourite products of 2012:

Fudge hair spray
This hair spray gives excellent hold and doesn’t make your hair look sticky but the main thing for me is the gorgeous coconut smell, it makes your hair smell so nice and not like hairspray. It’s also massive and lasts for ages! I’d never go back to any other hair spray. You can get it from Hairdressing whole salers and probably online.

Revlon lashes in double wink
These are my favourite eyelashes, you can get them from asda for under £5 and sometimes they have it on sale/offer. The band is soft meaning they stay on the lash line and I love the fullness of them. I find sometimes eyelure ones are stiff and hard to apply so I prefer these plus they’re cheaper.

Dew Me setting spray urban decay
I apply this spray at the end of my make-up (before mascara to avoid panda eyes) to set my make-up. It gives my make-up a dewy glow and is great for during the day when make-up can look a bit chalky and lifeless. It also makes my make-up last longer and is great pre-night out to make sure your make-up remains alcohol proof.

Revlon Colour Burst lip balm in crème brulee
I love this lip balm, it goes on a nude colour but instead of drying your lips out like normal lipstick it leaves my lips highly moisturized and soft with a dash of colour. I’d recommend this for any handbag!

Hd brows palette in Vamp
Once you have tried this eyebrow palette you will never use a pencil again. It goes on so easily and quicker than a pencil. The range of colours means you can add depth to your brows rather than just having them a solid colour. Plus I’m always dying my hair so I never need to buy a new shade due to the variety in the palette. It can also double as a Smokey eye palette.

Hd Brow setter
I love this, it keeps the colour on my eyebrows in place and stops them smudging and running.

Illamasque Rich Liquid foundation
This is the best foundation ever! I’ve already converted 5 of my friends to this foundation. It is really thick giving amazing coverage, it stays on and a little goes a long way. I’m yet to find a foundation with a good coverage and I always go back to this one. It beats mac hands down! The staff in the Leeds shop are so helpful and I always leave with full makeup done and something new to add to my make-up collection. I’d really recommend this foundation. The only downside is it can dry your t-zone if you use it all the time but maybe that’s just me…it probably just sticking to my plucked mono-brow area! (The joys of dark hair).

Large Tangle teezer
Last summer I had bonded hair extension so I needed a brush that wouldn’t snag the bonds at the roots so I bought this and it’s amazing, it gently untangles your hair and I still use it even though I don’t have extensions anymore. You won’t go back to a normal brush once you’ve tried it! The only downside is I always tend to launch it across my room by accident …I think it’s because you hold it in your palm as there’s no handle that and I must be clumsy.

Eyebrow razor
I use this to once I have plucked to get all the little hairs I can’t see in that certain light and also to shape my eyebrows using the straight edge. It’s also good as it doesn’t damage the follicle which means when I want to grow my eyebrows thicker they grow back evenly and quicker than plucking.

Liz Earle Skin repair light moisturizer
My mum gave me this sample to try and I love it, mainly because of the smell. It’s so comforting to put on before bed and plus the light formula means it doesn’t leave my skin greasy.

Suda cream
Every girl needs this! I don’t get spots often but when I do is wap this on overnight and they’ve virtually gone the next day. Sometimes I use it just as a face mask over night for a complexion pick me up.

Skin 79 Gold BB cream
I have mentioned this in a previous post and it is the best BB cream I have used. I use it as a primer or as my gym foundation. It gives mild coverage and is moisturizing. It also claims to have skin lightening properties but only targets dark spots (it is not a skin bleacher).It also contains caviar which is very popular in skin care (I see caviar facials been advertised in a lot of beauticians recently). I have noticed my scars are virtually gone and I’ve already repurchased this product once. It seems a thousand times better than the high street BB creams sold in the uk. I order mine from ebay from Japan.

Soap and Glory Sit tight XL
I use this day and night and do think it makes a difference. You apply with the rollerball which increases circulation reducing water retention. The formula also creates a warming effect which you can feel. I have definitely noticed a difference in the dimples at the top of my legs as they’ve virtually gone. Though I am losing weight I think this has helped to keep my skin tight.

Moroccan oil
This is such light oil that makes my hair feel so soft, it’s not greasy and again I adore the smell.

Uniq One hair protection spray
This is a great heat protection and adds moisture to dry hair. I was recommended this after my dip dyed hair looked like straw and it did tame and smooth it. You can get it from certain hair dressers and online.

Elvive nutri-gloss crystal Shampoo and Conditioner
As you may have seen from an earlier post I bought these last year but never reviewed them, and they are soooo good. They contain little pieces of glitter and it left my hair cleansed soft and shiny without looking greasy.
Dirty works buff your stuff body scrub
I usually use the sanctuary salt scrub and thought I wouldn’t get one better however my mum put this in my Christmas stocking and it’s just as good if not better for a fraction of the price (£3.99 from Sainsbury’s). It leaves my skin super smooth and even removes fake tan. A lot of bloggers such as Zoella etc. rave about the Soap and Glory sugar scrub which I bought the other day as I’ve already used all my dirty works and even though it does smell nice it’s not as good at buffing as the dirty works though it’s not bad. I’ll go back to the dirty works one next time.

Fake Bake 60 minute tan
This tan is so easy to apply, you spray on then rub in with the mitt it comes with and it does develop over 60minutes! It’s the best colour I’ve seen in a fake tan with brown undertones rather than orange or green. It lasts and blends easily. I tend to leave it over night for a deeper colour but I find even when I’ve washed it off the colour still develops slowly over the next few days. It’s also tinted so you can get an even coverage when applying. Definitely the best tan I’ve used.

Natural Source Vanilla Milk and Raspberry
From this post I’ve found out I’m very smell orientated…who knew! But again I love this product because of the smell. It makes me smell like a milkshake and it goes on so creamily. I’ve already bought a replacement, as you can see I am running low!
Organic root Stimulator- Olive oil replenishing pak hair mask.
This is by far the best hair mask I have used. I got it from boots for 99p and it is so moisturising  I left it on for 3 hours under a shower cap and then rinsed. It made my damaged bleached ends feel healthy and full of moisture something other conditioners was unable to do. So amazing and affordable!

I hope this helps people who are looking for some new products to try or who are on the hunt for something specific. Have you done any product reviews? what are your favourite products from 2012?

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