See ya' never 2012!

So it’s 2013 and it’s a new year and a new start for me! So much happened in the past year and I did this little collage to summarise it (oh my). I lived in my beautiful apartment with my beautiful friend Vicky while at uni and living with her was the best decision I made, we spent many a day hungover in bed watching Jenna Marbles and been general losers dressing up as one another or pretending to be Pitbull. We attended the University Sports Society Ball together (Picture 1). My boyfriend added to my collection of spaniels and bought me a puppy (my dad paid him back but still!) Bella. I got hair extensions , and then went on to change my hair monthly to my work colleagues dismay. I graduated university but I’m still in touch with my favourite girls. I went on my first girls holiday to Magaluf which was AMAZING and I’m emotionally scarred by some of the sights I saw while there! haaaaa. I started blogging...well trying to.I moved back home and was lucky enough to have a job after university and worked full time. I got fit ( I put 3 stone on while at uni- I basically ate the old me. I’ve lost a stone so far and still going, I don’t want to be quick fix skinny but I’m changing my whole outlook on been healthy for the long term). Finally on new year’s eve I had my last day at work and start my new job soon…literally a new year ahead for me! And I promise this year I’ll post more and try to jazz it up a bit!! 

I hope you all had a great new year’s!

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