Merry Christmas Boo!

I’ve been an appauling blogger! My new years resolution (not that I believe in them as I cant remember last years!) is to blog more and hopefully get a DSLR camera to pimp this bad boy up.

So I hope you’ve all had an amazing Christmas and got everything you wanted from santa! This post is going to be a jumble of things (a little catch up). I may do a christmas present post soon as well if the festive feeling hasn’t passed.


I thought I’d share with you the nail polishes I got in my Ciate mini mani month calendar (it came back in stock and came just in time for December). I’ve missed opening it on a morning and now have to add these polishes to my already vast collection. I need to try and use them all and not forget about them like I do most of my polishes.

They are so cute, I liked how you got staple colours,glitters and the caviar polishes. If you hurry I did see it in the Selfridges sale for £9,HALF PRICE, in store and online…no doubt they have all gone by now though.
My birthday was over two weeks ago now but some friends came over last week from University which meant more presents and here they are!

I’m so lucky. They got me all my essential little bits and I got real 18k gold nail polish :O a House of Harlow necklace, some ghetto gun tights and a bottle of champagne. I love them all, they know me so well, nail polish, tan and bubbly!

Among my December purchases I also bought my own 36 watt UV lamp and blue sky shellac. 

I have read mixed reviews on the blue sky shellac but since it was £4 for the top coat on ebay I thought I’d give it a try. I recently had my claws done and decided to do Christmas nails. 

I painted them with gold polish and while they were still wet dipped them in gold glitter. I then did a coat of the Shellac and cured under the lamp for 4 minutes (CND shellac is 2 minutes but online I read blue sky takes a further 2 mins). After I wiped away they sticky residue with acetone and voila! They turned out great and didn’t chip and lasted over two weeks in fact it outlived my acrylics (one snapped Christmas eve :l great). I’m going to see if it is as good on ‘naked’ nails as I have had my acrylics taken off now so I will experiment and let you know the results.

For my birthday I also received the MAC nude clutch and thought I’d share the results! 

The blusher (‘Pursue your passion-frost’)  is my new favourite it looks brown but doesn’t look like a bronzer when on as it has a slight pinky hue. The lipstick (‘Lustre, out to please’) is velvety and isn’t so pale that you look like you have foundation lips and with the lip gloss (‘be nice’)  it really made my lips look plump ! The eye liner is also great though I do prefer my chunky bad gal one from benefit though it’s exactly the same I think it’s just because I find it easier to hold. 
Anyway…I promise I will do more posts as I have this month’s glossy box to review, share with you my Christmas presents and my December purchases! Also my camera stand came so there may be outfit posts on the horizon once I’ve lost a few ibs!

Happy Holidays everyone :) 


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