Primark Haul.

Varsity tee - £6.
As I mentioned in my previous post; on Friday Night my boyfriend took me to Primark and I picked up some items and thought I’d share these bargain wonders with you. Though I must admit they aren’t the most exciting of items.
I thought this American varsity t-shirt was really cute plus was for £6 it’s miles cheaper than the topshop alternative I was eyeing up.

Roll sleeve shirt- £8 each.
I bought the same roll sleeve shirt in 3 colours at £8. They will be great for work and everyday teamed with a statement necklace under the collar and skinny jeans.
Boyfriend Tee- £3.50.
I stocked up on roll sleeve t-shirts mainly because they were £3.50 but also because the fit is so flattering and doesn’t give me big hench man shoulders!
Joggers - £7.
I also bought some burgundy jogging bottoms again with roll up bottoms (how many times can I say roll up in one post! Haha!) I’m wearing them right now because they are comfy and poorly sick with some form of man flu hence why my feet are in photo, lazy lion. I had some similar from Jack Wills but I’m an idiot and got bleach on them when I was doing some cleaning though I must admit I like how these ones have no writing on and I’m not some walking billboard for Jack Wills. I may purchase these in other colours as they’d look pretty cool with a beanie and my topshop leopard running trainers and a t-shirt (obviously, not going to wonder round like the hulk).
T-bar bow pumps - £8.
I also bought these mega cute shoes, as all I own is boring work pumps, boots and trainers. These will be my girly shoes and I will team them with my girly frilly socks. I bought some of these from topshop ages back and yet again primark delivers a cheaper version, they are just socks after all. I also love the primark studded socks which are copies of the Urban Outfitter ones; Always feel a bit cool in my studded socks, socks are cool…what am I on about!!?? (Damn man flu is making me talk rubbish). I also bought a pack of socks which are awesome and good for wearing with boots plus my brother and mum can’t steal them as I will know. I hate having to go on sock hunts because everyone steals them, black socks are gold dust in my house; let’s see them try and steal this bunny ones or the pink ones with moustaches on…BUSTED!
Cute Socks £2.00 for 3 pairs.Frill socks £1.50.
I really went into primark as I was wanting some bedding with pugs on it but they didn’t have it in the white rose in Leeds L has anyone seen it in their local store???

Anyway sorry for the quality of writing in this post! And if you haven’t already nominate me in the Company Blogger 2013 competition (that’s if you want to). 
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See you later alligators!

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  1. I'm loving the varsity shirt! that's actually such a good bargain for £6:) now following you hun xxx

  2. I love the Ohio top! I just did a sop in Primark yesterday going to put my find up on my blog if you want to have a look :)


  3. Everything looks so nice and comfy. I wish I had the bunny socks. so cute.


    1. Followed back, I want a chalk board calender like yours! xx


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