My new clutch bag!

I follow Fanny Lyckman's blog on and love her super cool style, so when I saw she was doing a range for Estradeur I was excited.

The range was really nice but as I was losing weight and saving at the time,so I never purchased. My favourite item was the clear clutch bag (even though I've made my own I liked the shape of this one). Anyway, I received an email informing me of's sale and went on the hunt for this bag and there it was £13.95 down from £27.95. I purchased it and it came within a week which is good as I think the website is based abroad.

You can fit loads in it and I like the bull dog fastening. I bet you could make your own but sometimes you just cant be bothered or you cant get the same effect! I can now display more of the junk I'd carry round with me!

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