Drug store mini haul

I went into town the other day and picked up a few items; I repurchased the Nivea in shower body moisturiser after finishing my last bottle and enjoying the hassle free way of keeping my skin moisturised and meaning I can moisturise less after the shower and maintain soft skin ( it's also good for fake tanners, as it helped my fake tan fade more evenly).I decided to go for the big bottle as it was on offer in super drug and also my last smaller bottle only lasted just over a month with every day use, hopefully this one shall last long.

I also stocked up on mascara; repurchasing the NYC 'big bold' mascara which I have previously raved about. It thickens , lengthens and doesn't transfer, which is important now it's getting warmer! I also purchased another NYC volumizing mascara in 'show time' after seeing it had a five star score on their website and it was only £1.99(again from super drug), worth a try! I will let you know the results!

My final purchase was a Rimmel nail polish in colour '200 orange your life'. It's a gorgeous bright orange/red colour that my mum bought a bit back. I was borrowing it so much she hid it from me!So I've bought my own. I must admit it is rubbish for chipping but I'm going to over come this by applying a shellac top coat to ensure a bit more longevity. The colour is worth it though and it really stands out and is a great statement nail ,that even though its a bold colour seems to compliment most colours and outfits. So sassy!

What nail colours is everyone else loving? Any super cheap yet amazing mascaras anyone's found? I think it will be pretty hard to beat the NYC big bold!
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