My everyday travel make-up.

So last Christmas my boyfriend bought me a travel brush set, at the time I was a bit confused as I don't know anyone who uses mini brushes and they always end up in some drawer collecting dust.

The box and the brushes were gorgeous,and my boyfriend went on to tell me that he thought they were small but he thought maybe girls liked them small (what a guy!). Anyway like with any small brush set I just didn't use them... boyfriend asked why I hadn't used the £70 set! What?!?!? I then went onto the bobby brown website to confirm that he had been mugged, and he was right, they were the cavier and oyster collection mini brush set, special edition and ridiculously expensive! Been a boy he no longer he had the receipt ( may I add if I were a boy, for that price I'd expect them to be the size of decorating brushes).

I decided to get my use out of them as I do appreciate the thought and effort my wonderful boyfriend put in, plus they are beautiful brushes and if I was a wealthy made in Chelsea type I'd have these brushes!
They are now in my handbag permanently and whenever I'm on the go.the brushes include:

A mini face blender blush
A mini eye shadow brush
An unltra fine eyeliner brush
Mini smokey eye liner brush
Mini lip brush 

The products I carry along in the brush case are:
                          Chanel lift lumiere foundation sample
Mac blush in 'Persue your passion' 
Georgio Armarni eyes to kill mascara
17 high drama intense Liquid eyeliner 

The Chanel foundation gives light to medium coverage and isn't chalky, which is great to give a pick me up to your make up during the day. The blush is a warm rose brown and goes with any eyes and lips so is great as a travel item as it can top up any look.I got it in a mac gift set for Christmas hence why it's a miniature.
The mascara and eyeliner are to top up my eyes if they look faded. Again both do the trick and are the perfect size for this hand held case. I wouldn't buy the full size Armarni mascara as I have tried better ones for less money. It doesn't smudge but it doesn't give high impact lashes either; it's good to top up already existing mascara.

What cosmetics does everyone carry round with them? Any recommendations?
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