Candy Yum Yum.

MAC matte lipstick in 'Candy Yum Yum'.
I went to MAC with my friend the other day and neither of us could resist this lipstick. It’s MAC and is called ‘candy yum yum’. We both clocked it on the beauty assistant working on the mac counter and asked what shade it was. It’s a neon matt pink and is a very pigmented colour with just one coat. I love how bright it is and it really perks up your look, the only downside is it does exaggerate if your lips are dry so I’d recommend using a balm or a lip primer before. Apparently this shade used to be a one off then by popular demand is now a permanent member in MAC stores, yay!

Here’s a photo of me wearing it off my instagram (excuse my work clothes, hair and poor picture quality!) The shirt is from Zara and is really cute, it is a great fit and has silk tie print sleeves when you roll them up. My initial earrings are from Topshop and were in a previous post. If people want to add me on instagram my user name is Rachael_ss.
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