Right to left: Nude Eclipse, Luna, Nova, Apocoliptic, Steller and The Big Bang.
I’m usually devoted to nude lipsticks but after hearing about Rimmel Apocolips on youtube and on blogs I thought I’d give it a try. I initially bought the nude (‘nude eclipse’),the dark red (‘the big bang’) and then the coral red (‘steller’) from boots on 3 for 2. They are so so good, believe the hype! The colour is strong yet glossy and only requires one coat. It doesn’t dry out the lips and does last. The darker colours such as the reds do transfer though so don’t go for a swanky meal wearing it otherwise you end up with red all round your mouth (trust me). My favourite is definitely the ‘steller’ red and it’s the one I wore on my valentines post.

Right to left: Nude Eclipse, Luna, Nova, Apocoliptic, Steller and The Big Bang.
Since I have gone back and bought the pink shades ‘nova’ and  ‘apocoliptic’ aswell as the coral ‘luna’(again on 3 for 2 at boots; bargain!). There great for mixing up your make-up look or adding something to an outfit. I can see myself wearing the coral in the summer and the candyfloss pink is great for everyday just to add some colour to the lip.

On Valentines weekend I met up with my friends Vicky, Aisha and Sophie (we went for a meal and cocktails at Bibis Itallisimo in Leeds before heading back to our aparthotel , had a few drinks and went to a house party before going to a club- was so lovely to see them all and had such a good night!). Anyway, since I’m soppy I got them all a valentine’s day card, a bracelet and an Apocolips each, which they loved! As you can tell I’m impressed by the product, I think it may be because I never expect a lip Lacquer to be as good as a lipstick but I was wrong and it’s handy to have both a colour and a gloss in one!

Has anyone discovered some surprisingly good products recently? Let me know!
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