So I Ombrd my hair! I did it at home and wasn't wary because I did it about a year ago and the only down side is it does dry your hair out so make sure you treat it to lots of conditioner!

 To start I tried out the new Loreal Preference wild ombrẻ in no°2.(About £7.00 from boots or most drugs stores) This was so easy to use , I just had to mix the formulas together and comb it through the ends with the brush provided and wait the allocated time. This did lighten my hair though it was more subtle than I wanted (the photo where I'm wearing my glasses  and the other with my Dior Homie hat on shows the results after using the Loreal Preference alone).

About A week later I decided to increase the intensity and used the Jerome Russel highlighting kit (about £8.00 from most drug stores). This is 14% bleach and I left it on for 90 minutes, this really lightened my hair (including the hair I have bonded in at the front) though it did leave my hair look quite brassy. To counter act this I used directions colour pot in grey and left for about 15 minutes – this got rid of the brassy tones and didn't even dye my hair grey but just neutralized the colour (all my other photos are after I did this process).
My friends all love it and I'm a bit bad for doing things my self when it comes to my hair, everyone warns me I’ll end up bald some day! Haha yay.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, there isn’t really any excuse for it but I will be posting more over the next few weeks to make up for it!

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