The Monday Mani.

You’re nails are green’ *scrunches face*: That was my mums response. Yes, this colour is not for everyone, but I really like this mushy pea green ( i’m really selling it) or as Barry M have labelled it 'Olive' colour (BUY HERE).

I love the Barry M Gelly formulation as It give such smooth and shiny results in just two coats, sometimes In one when your having some un be known nail miracle day where everything is going all perfect, you know those days where you don't end up ruining them/scuffing them/getting it in your hair? Anyway…  My hands have it pretty rough working in the labs and wearing gloves so my nails manage to get chipped and dry looking (meaning I tend to not do my nails as much as I used to) so when I do paint them I tend to add a layer of gel on top and set it using my UV lamp to help make my polish last longer. Double gel baby.

I use the Bluesky soak off gel topcoat (BUY HERE), apply on top of dry polish ensuring all the nail is covered and set under my UV lamp (BUY HERE) for 3 minutes. I then wipe the excess gel from the nails using nail polish remover (your nails will be sticky if you don’t do this, it doesn't remove the polish though).

I use the Leighton Denny cuticle oil to keep my cuticles hydrated… it does what its meant to. (BUY HERE- I got this set for my birthday from my Boyfriend's parents and it is so nice, the drying spray , the file, and the polishes are all such good quality and I would highly recommend this set!).

Has anyone else been loving a particular polish this month? Share below!

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