'Dem gucci nails.

Here are my new nails! I only started getting acrylics earlier this year and they are great, there so hard to break and I find nail polish lasts longer on them. The only down side is they ruin your normal nails (they get all dry, brittle and thin) however I just take 3 month break between removing them and getting more on and I generally don't wear them more than 2 months (some people wear them for years!) and once you've taken them off and you've grown 'new' nail they are back to normal!

I decided to get the 'Stiletto' shaped nail which is curved long and slightly pointy like those seen on Rihanna and Lana Del Rey.

 I decided to have neon yellow tips which I painted on my self, just using the brush to make a V shape, it would have probably come out neater if I used tape as a template but oh well! I also want them to be a bit pointier they look too curved at the moment, best get the file on them.

What do you think?

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