Sunday brunch in Leeds

This weekend me and my boyfriend went to the Ox club in Headrow house in Leeds. I don’t live far from Leeds, and after seeing pictures on instagram of this relatively new restaurant ,we decided to give it a try.

Located on the Headrow in Leeds (on your way to the new John Lewis/Victoria shopping centre), Headrow house is set back and comprises of multiple floors, including the restaurant, beer house , and a cocktail bar and pretty roof terrace.

We visited the Ox club for a relaxed Sunday brunch. We were skeptical at first, as a lot of these bohemian/hipster places usually don’t live up to the hype and are usually over priced. This was not the case! The brunch menu was simple but provided variety. Portions were also generous but not a challenge.

I went for the bubble and squeak, which was sausage, potatoes, cabbage, topped with a large egg and accompanied with a pot of pouring gravy. It was delicious and felt like a breakfast and Sunday lunch all in one, sounds wrong but it actually works.

My boyfriend went for the Korean fried chicken, which were moist lightly fried chicken, on a bed of rice, pickled cucumber, kimichi, and again featured a crispy fried egg. The flavors went well and there was a spicy kick, which only added to the dish and didn't over power it. If I were to go again, this is what I would order, and Steve said he’d have it again. Though to be honest, I think you’d try something different every time.

A bottle of water was provided at the table. They served a variety of coffees and teas, as well as juices and fizzy drinks. I went for the refillable filter coffee, which the staff actually offered you refills (sometimes you go places, get a refillable drink, but you never get one as the staff just disappear or are too busy). Speaking of staff, they were friendly, and just left you to eat (no awkward asking you if everything’s ok right when your mouth is full!).

We spent £21 for two of us,  two meals, 2 drinks and the free water on the table, which for the quality was more than reasonably priced.

I’d recommend this restaurant and want to go back to try the evening menus and also visit the drinking establishments. Is there anywhere a bit different you like to go? Please comment below (me and my boyfriend are based in Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool and are always looking for new places).

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