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L’Occitane Shower Oil:
I got this as I heard it was good for shaving your legs and for moisturising in the shower. It does do these things but I’m not too keen on the almond smell.

Dior Green Eye liner:
My mum got me this eyeliner to try something different to black for spring. I’m still experimenting with it and it is a bit brighter than I expected, I was hoping more for an emerald green and id say it’s a lot brighter.

This has to have the nicest smell out of everything I have tried.I cant even describe it, its fresh and smell so expensive; the description reads ‘extracts of toning elderflower and antioxidant-charged gooseberry with clean notes of orange blossom, moss and cut grass’ ; All I know is that it smells amazing and this is my second bottle!

This is so so pretty. It looks pink in the pot but when you apply it is a subtle shimmer with little bits of glitter in, I use it as an eye shadow , and a highlighter on my cheeks and brows.It lasts all day as well! (I tried to do a swatch but my camera wouldn't pick it up).

This is a gorgeous light peach colour. It is so subtle but I imagine it would show up more on paler skin. It gives me a little peachy glow and is now my every day blush.

I thought I’d give these a go, I like how they have a thin band so hopefully they should have a more natural look.

I love this nude lipstick it has to be one of my favourites. It is so creamy and long lasting. It does tend to come out lighter than you'd expect so you have to be careful to avoid the whole foundation on lips look so I don’t apply a base before applying as it is already light as it is.

Has anyone tried any new products lately? Link below :)

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