March Instagram.

Here's a little instagram (Rachael_ss) summary of my March.

The top pictures are all from the bank holiday party I attended with my friends in Leeds. Was so nice to see my girlies from university!
There's me in my rollers with no make-up on getting ready for the girls to come stay over!
The new dress making book I ordered and still yet to try and a new sponge as my beauty blender broke (it tore when I was cleansing it! I was heartbroken, £20 of sponge torn = devastation) and apparently this one is just as good for a quarter of the price. I shall let you know.
My new cross hair clip.
Ben and Jerry's Peanut butter and jam, was yummy but the fact I ate it all in one go makes me shudder and I will not be having it again for a while! oink oink!
Me in my varsity top from Primark featured in a previous haul.
I learnt how to poach eggs and I have now become addicted to them!
My iron man outfit I wore to work on non-uniform day promoting famous scientists and engineers. Step aside Einstein,Iron man's here.
My street buried in the snow. March = Snow snow snow.
Me in my neon necklace off to meet my friends for a Nandos!

This makes my March look so uneventful! I blame all the snow.
Leave your instagram usernames below. Is it just me who's addicted to taking photos of my dogs, food and self? haha.
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